Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Princesses meet the Princesses!

I'm not sure I've ever experienced anything quite so sweet and funny as our meet and greets with the princesses.  I pretty much stood back and let them go for it...and boy did they! 
One sad moment:
As we made our way into the World Showcase part of Epcot, our group was together in Mexico.  I was holding Gracie's had and told the others that we were "going to China" and would meet up with them later.  As we walked off, Gracie started to panic and said, "No!  I don't want to!"  I didn't understand and she said again, "I don't want to go to China!"  It's always sobering when the reality of their past creeps in at unexpected times.  I had to promise her that we were not going to the real China...only walking down the path.
That being said...We excitedly made our way to the China pavilion, and waited to meet our first princess, Mulan. 

Gracie immediately started with the questions.  Here is the conversation between Mulan and Gracie:
Gracie:  Why did you cut your hair?
Mulan:  I cut my hair because I wanted fight for my country and for my father.
Gracie:  You shouldn't cut your hair again.
I interject the fact that Gracie now has a few bangs because she decided to cut her hair.
Mulan:  Oh no!  You didn't cut it with a sword did you?
Gracie:  No...I just use scissors.

Gracie:  You look very pretty.
SW:  Oh Thank you.  You look very pretty too.  She commented on the girls' dresses and then asks if the girls had met Jasmine yet. (on Wesleigh's dress) 
Gracie:  Not yet but we are going there next.
SW:  Well...when you meet my friends Jasmine and Aladdin will you tell them that their friend Snow White wants them to teach her how to ride that magic carpet?

So we stand in line for Aladdin and Jasmine.  The whole time, Gracie practices standing like Jasmine does.  When it's our turn, both girls immediately say:  Your friend, Snow White, said she wants you to teach her how to fly a magic carpet.
Aladdin:  Oh awesome!  And he goes into a description of the best way to fly a magic holding the tassels.   Then he tells them "Don't you dare close your eyes"
Gracie:  I know how to fly a carpet...easy...easy breezy
Aladdin:  Oh then maybe we should go fly over the city.
Gracie:  OK...that's scary
Jasmine then tells the girls that their tiger would love their sparkly necklace because he loves sparkly things.  She said the tiger loves her earrings :)
They were so precious and spent so much time with the girls, I am sure the people in line behind us weren't so happy about it ;)

Gracie:  Where is Gaston?
Belle:  Oh....I'm sure he's hanging around his tavern somewhere.
Gracie:  Do you think I can borrow a book from your library?
Belle:  What kind of book would you like?
Gracie:  A mermaid book  (Gracie thinks she's part mermaid)
Belle:  I think those books are on my top shelf so I might need to get someone to help me get it down.
Gracie:  Ok...but you should use a ladder so you don't fall.
Belle:  Oh yes...that is a good idea.  I wouldn't want to climb the shelves and fall.
As we are leaving, Gracie says "Don't forget to use a ladder for that book!"

The next day at breakfast,
Gracie asks Cinderella what shoes she's wearing.  Cinderella raises her dress and shows her :) lol...
We meet Snow White again and the girls tell her Aladdin said he would teach her to ride a carpet!

Gracie told Aurora "sweet dreams" as she was leaving our table :)

Rapunzel sees that Gracie is wearing her wedding dress and asks if she's going to marry Flynn Rider today.  She told Gracie to make sure she doesn't give Maximus the rings to hold!  They also had a big conversation about Pascal.

Meeting Jasmine again...Gracie noticed that she was showing her belly button today!!  lol...

Gracie asks Ariel where Flounder is and also plays with her tail.  Ariel asked what she was doing and Gracie asked if she could have a mermaid tail.  Ariel tells Gracie that if she sees Tinkerbell, maybe she can ask her to give her a tail.

Tiana and the girls have a conversation about gumbo and beignets.  Tiana asked the girls who makes the best gumbo (thinking they would say their mom).  Gracie answers, "Mr. Kiva"!  Kiva is our amazing friend who happens to own a restaurant that DOES make the best gumbo!!  lol...

Of course, you know what Gracie asked Tinkerbell on day 4!  She told Tinkerbell that she wanted her to give her a tail.  You could see Tinkerbell was confused, so I explained about the conversation we had with Ariel.  Tinkerbell's response:  "That fish doesn't know what she's talking about!"  hahahaha!!!  She explained to Gracie that her magic only fixes things and makes people fly.  She told her she should try to find the fairy godmother....maybe her magic could help!!  Thankfully...we never ran into the fairy godmother!!  lol...

I know Mary Poppins isn't a princess (or Tinkerbell for that matter), but they were so happy to meet her.  They have been watching a lot of Mary Poppins lately.  I could not hear the conversation they had but they talked for quite a while.  When we were leaving, Mary said to me "oh...they are both most delightful!"  lol...

There were a few princesses we did not get to meet...namely, Anna and Elsa.  You will see in a later post, though, that we did have a very fun encounter with them.  We went early one morning to get in the line and after about 15 minutes, the girls decided they both needed to go to the bathroom.  The line was probably about an hour long, so they decided they were ok with not meeting them :) 
I have to say...every single character we met was amazing!  There really is something to say about the magic of the mouse!!!


likeschocolate said...

You guys covered a lot of ground! The girls look so happy! What a fun day!

Mimi's Toes said...

I loved looking at all your pictures and it was like I was there many beautiful memories to cherish! You are so blessed with such an awesome family.

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