Saturday, January 10, 2015

Disney World Day 2: Magic Kingdom Part 2

I posted pics of the princesses we met at Breakfast in the Princess post.  Breakfast was so much fun (and yummy too!!)


The girls were given a wishing star and a wand.  Here they are closing their eyes and making a wish :)


Love this shot of Gracie.  She and I were riding the Orbiter together.  This pretty much sums up Gracie's week!!
Richard lets me ride the spinning rides with the girls :)  lol...  Teacups are my favorite!!

The girls said they had to take pics with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum for Braden because he calls them that.  lol... 
 After a little while, the girls had enough of their big dresses.  I don't blame them!  These little dresses were perfect for the warm weather we enjoyed!!

If you go to Disney, you MUST meet Gaston!!  He is hysterical!!  We tried to talk Gracie into saying something funny to him, but she wouldn't do it.  Wesleigh wouldn't even meet him!  He's rude, loud and outspoken which is absolutely hysterical but it was a little intimidating for the girls.  He was fun to just stand and watch.  He will call out anyone at anytime for anything... Don't miss him!!!

How else would we wait for the parade??

Gracie is telling showing the Mad Hatter that she has Alice on her dress.

 What a fun day!  Since we had such an early morning, we chose to head to the house after the parade.  We were able to see a lot each day without wearing ourselves out.  Both girls are no fun when they cross over to the whiney side!  (neither are we for that matter!!)

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Shay Ankerich said...

THIS looks like the best day~ beautiful photos!!!

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