Saturday, January 10, 2015

Tennessee... the game

Although the ball game didn't end the way we would have liked, we had a great time!  We watched the Tigerband march into the stadium.  Bryce actually walked right past me.  I could have reached out and kissed him!  Instead, I practically whispered, "hey, Bryce".  So cute to see the corners of his mouth turn up in a little smile.  (They are not supposed to move their heads or smile at all).  All season long, we have tried to get him to smile when we see him :)

The girls got to stay at Rachel's with a sitter for the game (everyone was much happier that way!).  The girls and I hopped in the car right after the game and drove to Memphis to stay the night at Paige's.  Then got up the next morning and drove home.  They were so good!  It is fun that they're getting a little older and more independent.  This is the farthest road trip I have ever taken by myself so I'm pretty proud of myself.  We got home, unpacked, repacked and headed to Disney 2 days later!

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