Thursday, January 8, 2015

Christmas Day 2014

Last year, when our kiddos were out of school for 3 weeks at Christmas time, I swore we would not spend the 3rd week at home if that were the case this year! soon as the school calendar was released, Santa started planning. 
This year, Santa surprised the girls with a trip to Disney World!  They have started asking recently about going, but had no idea what they were in for!
Santa decided that he should put some Disney helium balloons in a big box and wrap it.  The plan was that they would open the box...the balloons would fly up and they would jump for joy at the revelation that Disney world is in their future.  Yeah...not so much.

The girls slept upstairs in Braden's room Christmas Eve.  I have no idea why we haven't done this every year, but this is a first.  They, of course, come running down with excitement.

The first thing they go for is the stockings!!

We had to pretty much force them to open the box, they were so distracted with everything else.  The box opens...the balloons fly out...and they say, "BALLOONS!!"  They literally start playing with the balloons like a toddler plays with the box their toy came in! 
 Even after we tried to explain to them what the balloons meant, they still just played with the balloons!!  They eventually did get excited about the meaning of the balloons but it was not quite the moment I thought it would be ;)

The girls bought everyone presents from their little school Santa store this year.  They were so excited about them and actually kept it all a secret!  They were precious handing out their gifts.  They gave the boys some stickers, and play goo.  Wesleigh got Bryce a LSU chip clip!  lol... Funny thing was...he said he really needed one for his dorm room!  

Gracie got Wesleigh a little game and Wesleigh chose a ring for Gracie.  It was so cute!

These girls got everything Disney.  Disney we come!

Finally....Princess Elsa dresses!!

The girls ornaments.  The fireworks actually light up :)
Richard's dad and family came over that afternoon, but I don't have one picture!  I'm telling you...I did a horrible job this year.  (I did make up for it at Disney though!!!)


Carol said...

SO precious! It always makes me happy to read your posts, especially because you take such nice photographs!

Jboo said...

What a fun Christmas! Maddy and I almost went to Disney World for her 13th birthday right before Christmas but had to reschedule to the end of May! Am sure you had a magical time there!

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