Thursday, January 8, 2015

Christmas Eve 2014

We have had a busy couple of weeks.  Honestly, Christmas feels like it was months ago!!  When I sat down to blog about our latest adventures, I realized I had never posted about it. goes:

Christmas Eve was spent with my family, opening gifts and enjoying some seafood gumbo.  I am just going through all of these pics today and see that I did a pretty poor job documenting our holiday this year.  I frustrate myself when I do that.  There is just so much going on at once, it's hard to catch everything.  Unfortunately, my boys are who seem to be left out :(

My parents with most of the grandkids.  I have a brother whose family lives in Colorado and they were not here.  Between Joel and I, we have 9 kiddos!!!

Leaving cookies for Santa.


Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

From the looks like it there was lots of action. So happy you have had a good Christmas!

Linda said...

Seems like so long ago!

snekcip said...

While I LOVE your pics, I truly understand the frustration about not "capturing everything". I have to remind myself often "that sometimes I just wanna enjoy the moments and not be behind the camera always." You do a superb job of juggling family, everyday life and keeping your blog updated for people who enjoy your beautiful family. I truly, truly respect that!! Happy New Year to your beautiful family. Gracie's shirt is by far my favorite!!

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