Saturday, January 10, 2015

Disney World Day 1: Animal Kingdom

After all the princesses had been met, some of us decided to head for Animal Kingdom for a bit.  We found out when we walked up to the Dino Whirl ride that Wesleigh is indeed 47 1/2 inches tall...not 48 inches.  She was NOT happy that they would not let her ride that ride!  Instead, Gracie went on it and hated it!  Wesleigh is definitely the dare devil of the two, which is very surprising.  Wesleigh made up for it though when she road Everest a little later!!

Riding the "baby ride" while Gracie was on the "real ride" lol...  She was not happy!!

Mulan and Mu Shoo in the same day!!!  Gracie jumped right in and started dancing with him.  SO fun!!

After Gracie hated the "real ride", she was more than happy to ride the "baby ride" while Wesleigh braved Everest!

Waiting for Everest.  She wasn't crazy about it.  She liked the ride part but the Yeti scared her.  She's braver than I am!!

Funniest story of this park:  We all rode the Kali River Rapids ride.  Gracie was a little unsure about it from the beginning but we love this ride.  We were all in the same raft.  Gracie ended up sitting next to Braden.  If you've ever ridden this ride, you know that usually a couple of people in each raft end up getting drenched and you never know which ones it will be.  The water started splashing and of course we were all laughing.  (For the record, myself and the girl to my left were the chosen drenched ones!!)  I look over at Braden and Gracie and see that Gracie has this look on her face that I have never seen before.  She had gotten a little wet and was so exasperated by it that she couldn't even come up with words to express it.  All of a sudden, she catches her breath, looks at Braden and elbows him in the gut.  We were already laughing but he and I cracked up.  He was so glad that I had seen it because it truly was the funniest thing ever and neither of us can adequately describe it.  As I'm typing this, though, Braden walked through the room and we started laughing about it again. 

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