Sunday, April 21, 2013

Xi'an China

What a day! It is such a different experience being in China when you’re NOT adopting! We are having an amazing time and have enjoyed every second of Xi’an. Today we saw the terracotta warriors, which was so much more impressive in person than they are in a book! April 2013-5808blog

April 2013-5853blog

April 2013-5816blog

April 2013-5847blog

April 2013-5857blog

After we spent the morning there, we went for a 7 mile bike ride on top of the city wall! I will admit, I was a little leery of that experience but it turned out to be so much fun! IMG_3723

Next, we enjoyed dinner at a restaurant know exclusively for its dumplings. They were amazing! There were so many types of dumplings in all kinds of shapes. There were chickens: April 2013-5881blog

Ducks: April 2013-5887blog

Fish: April 2013-5876blog

And others. They tasted as amazing as they look! We leave Xi’an tomorrow to fly to Changsha…we start the real reason we are here in China. I cannot wait! I expect we will be on quite the emotional journey as well.


Leggio said...

Oh Jennifer......... It makes me long to adopt even more seeing y'all there. What a precious time to share with precious friends. Praying God does amazing things through y'all. Love on our bamboo girls for us.

likeschocolate said...

Yeah! So excited for you woman! Some day I hope that is me, but for now I am just a waiting momma! Love on all those babies! What a blessing for everyone!

Courtney said...

Our Chloe is from Xi'an! It is such a beautiful and busy city with lots of History. We really enjoyed our time there. The Terracotta Warriors are amazing, and to this day Chloe's favorite food in the world is dumplings. Everytime we ask her where she wants to eat she always says "I don't care as long as they serve dumplings"! Enjoy your trip!

Courtney Barnett

Chad said...

We adopted our daughter from Xi'an in April of 2010. Seeing the Terracotta Warriors was amazing and thanks for sharing your pictures. Have a great trip!

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