Saturday, April 27, 2013

My View From China

Tonight I just want to share my view from China.  I have loved walking around with my camera, and viewing it through my lens.  This trip has been so completely different because I have not had a baby on my hip the entire time.  I have seen so many beautiful things.  I am in love with the mixture of modern and tradition.  I love the weathered hands and faces that show so much love and joy.  China definitely holds a piece of my heart.

April 2013-7033cwf

April 2013-7086cwf

April 2013-7093cwf

April 2013-7107cwf

April 2013-7112cwf

April 2013-7114cwf

April 2013-6865cwf

April 2013-6873cwf

We are on our final leg of our journey now.  We made it to Hong Kong this afternoon and will spend the day tourning tomorrow.  We then start our long journey home.  What an amazing that will never be forgotten.


Lori said...

Your photos have told SO many stories!! Every single one
BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you for sharing your photos and stories with us! Following you ladies has been absolutely AMAZING!!! I have cried and rejoiced at watching you ladies LOVE on these PRECIOUS children!
Enjoy your day in Hong Kong!!!
Praying for safe travels home!!! Know y'all are ready to see your families!!

Blessings sweet friend

likeschocolate said...

Have fun in Hong Kong and have a safe journey home!

Fannie said...

These photos are BEAUTIFUL!! Can't wait to hear how things go in Hong Kong area. :)

Maureen said...

Such great pictures! I am loving checking your blog for these updates from China. Sounds like it has been an unforgettable trip. Look forward to your next post! Can't wait to be there myself. The kids are just precious.

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