Friday, April 26, 2013

Quite a Day

Yesterday, we left Hunan province...leaving Gracie's birthplace once again.  What an adventure we've had up to this point.  Each day seemed to be an emotional roller coaster.  I had packed up the waterproof mascara and pretty much expected the emotional part of our trip had ended.  Boy was I wrong!  I knew that we would be visiting 3 Bamboo Babies in Zhanjiang, which we did.  And I knew we would be visiting the orphanage...the 3rd on our adventure.  Each orphanage has had its own story...but this one seemed to hit me where it hurts.  We were not allowed to take pictures there, so I will just share my thoughts.  We walked into the first room and immediately I was brought back to this video:

I did not expect to be slapped in the face with Wesleigh's story.

This was the video sent to me by a fellow adoptive mom as we waited to travel to China. This is of my Wesleigh when she lived in her orphanage. She is the little one in yellow who gets held by this precious mom. I am not watching it tonight as I post it because I'm pretty certain I will be reduced to a puddle on the floor of this hotel room.

 As we walked into this room, there were 20 cribs lined in rows...each one with a precious baby inside. They all stared at us with big eyes as we walked around the room. We each started picking up one child at a time. Each one looked to be well cared for, but each one had eyes that shot straight to the soul. As I began picking up baby after baby, my heart began to break a little more each time. Had the orphanage workers not been in the room, I would have been reduced to a puddle on the floor.

 I tried my best to keep it together, but let me just say...a pack of tissues and some waterproof mascara would have been helpful. I was not expecting to be overcome by emotions today, but I was. I am. I feel like I need a really big cry, but now is not the time. It will come though... For now, we move on tomorrow to Hong Kong for a day of fun. I cannot believe that the "work" part of our trip has ended and it will soon be time to go home. I have very mixed emotions about this. It has been the most amazing trip ever. Everything I had hoped and more!

Here are a few precious pics from the day: April 2013-7079cwf

April 2013-7051cwf

April 2013-7049cwf

April 2013-7045cwf

April 2013-7033cwf

April 2013-7011cwf

April 2013-6985cwf

April 2013-6963cwf


Linda said...

Sounds like you will be "processing" all of this for a while. I didn't expect watching this video would hurt as much as it did three years ago, but in a way it hurt more now that I recognize Wesleigh's cry and. know her personality. I can't imagine seeing that look in the eyes of those precious ones.
All this reminds me of the verse "and Mary pondered these things in her heart." I think of the heartache she experienced being Jesus' mother, feeling all those emotions yet knowing she was called to be His mother. You too have a lot to ponder into your heart - a lot of pain because God chose you to be their mother. Still praying. Mom

Fannie said...

Wow!!! That video of Wesleigh made me get all teary!!! There's just so much more for us to do in China. As PRO. As Christians.

Praying for you ladies too!!

Oh Gabriella, when will it be her turn???

Jennifer Newberry said...

Jen this is such an awesome and amazing journey for all of you. I am so happy you were able to love on these sweet children and give them hugs and smiles. Breaks my heart. Thanks for sharing!

likeschocolate said...

Thank your for sharing your adventures this week! They are all so precious!

Leggio said...

Girl my eyes were tearing up reading your post. Such a wonderful opportunity to serve the least of these. Thank u for being the hands and feet of Jesus. Oh.....we will be coming through your area the end of may. We are headed to destin may 24 thru may 29.

Shay Ankerich said...

Bless you precious friend!!! I felt like I was right there with you!!! LOVE all the photos! I am praying you all home and look forward to your thoughts as you make it home and start to process!!! LOVE your heart! XOXOXOXO

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Well I am a puddle just seeing your few photos so I can only imagine how moving it was for y'all in person. Are all of the babies up for adoption in these orphanages? Were they all welcoming of visitors?


Dawn Richardson said...

Jennifer...I have loved seeing the pictures and reading about your trip. So glad that it went so well and amazed at everything you were able to do and experience. It looks totally different then when adopting...what a blessing to have this experience too! Can not wait to hear more :)
Dawn R
BTW...the video of Wesleigh had me in tears. I spotted her right away!

Myra said...

Oh my Jennifer...its been so long since I've watched that video!! WOW! So teary! They were such babies! It seems like yesterday!! **sigh** Thanks for the trip down memory lane!


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