Thursday, April 25, 2013


For whatever reason, I seem to be having trouble getting a post of my own together, so I am going to link you to my amazing BFF's blog.  She shot some amazing pics over the past few days and is so eloquent at putting into words, what I seem to be having trouble doing :)

We are having an amazing trip and loving every single second of being here.  It has left a mark on my heart that I will carry with me forever.


Lauren McGowan said...

I just loved Diana's blog as well. She really has a beautiful way with words! I can't wait for this adventure to continue!

Sue said...

I came across your blog over a year ago when my nephew and his wife adopted a little girl from China so I have seen many pictures of Weisleigh and watched her grow this last year. I do not know you from Adam and I live many states away but when I saw her little face in that video I lost it. It hit me because I feel like I know her and I weeped thinking about what you saved her from and what she endured before you got her. I'm glad for families like you and my nephews that open up your hearts and homes to these little innocent children.

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