Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wedding Weekend Part 3

Ok... I know it is taking me forever to get through all these wedding shots, but I just have too many that I love and want on here :) Here are my favorite shots of the night. The next post will be the reception pics (I have alot of those too!!!)
This has become my favorite of the entire weekend...I am so in love with it and am trying to figure out where it's going to go in my house :)

 April 2013-4968cwf

I'm in love with this one too :) The water and the sunset were so amazing that it was easy to get great shots! April 2013-4954cwf

April 2013-4921cwf 

This is my brother and his little girl. LOVE!! April 2013-4882cwf

April 2013-4846cwf

Seriously?? How amazing is this? I love these shots! This is my two and my niece. April 2013-4843cwf

April 2013-4835cwf

They called my nephew Rylan, Prince Charming, all night :) April 2013-4817cwf

April 2013-4795cwf

April 2013-4780cwf

April 2013-4775cwf

April 2013-4774cwf

April 2013-4934cwf

April 2013-4898cwf

Next week at this time, Richard and I will be in New Orleans!  My flight to China leaves at 6:00am Friday morning!!  I cannot believe it's this close!!!!


likeschocolate said...

The little girls look simply darling in there dresses. Perfection!

Rebecca said...

Absolutely stunning!!! So many amazing shots and the girls are just beautiful!

Your editing is amazing you use PS or LR? I'm a LR girl but starting to try to do more in PS. Definitely canvas worthy shots you captured!!

Love these! Thanks for sharing! We just applied with lifeline for China adoption and I love seeing your me so much hope! :)

Kelly said...

Wow! Great shots! That first one is beautiful!!! I can see why you want it on your wall!! Where was the wedding?

Anonymous said...

That looks like an awesome weekend! Beautiful pics. Are you going to China again? that's great but I am confused why?

snekcip said...

All were GREAT PICS but I have to agree the FIRST SHOT was my favorite also and is nothing short of sheer perfection!! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE IT!!!

Shay Ankerich said...

Gorgeous shots of your beautiful girls and the wedding! LOVE them all!!! Looking so forward to your trip to China!!! XO

Teresa M. said...

Jennifer, you have GOT to get a canvas of the two of them together for their room!! I love both of them, but like the one of the back of them best. It is so sweet. I ordered a 24 x 36 canvas from Canvas People (was just $53 with the shipping) and it turned out good. Google for a sale from them. Thanks for sharing!

Fannie said...

Love, love, LOVE these pics! They are beautiful! The first two are great and I also love the one of the flower girls sitting by the windown with all that tule!! SO cute!!

SO excited that you ladies are going to love on our PRO kids!!! :) Can't wait to hear how all of them are doing!

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