Friday, April 12, 2013

Wedding Weekend: Party Time!

Oh my...what a party! It was amazing reception and SO much fun. The girls never left the dance floor and probably had more fun than anyone :) Of course, we had alot of fun just watching them!!

Gracie kept pulling the tulle from her dress over her head as a veil :)
 April 2013-4990cwf

Gracie and Rylan
April 2013-4995cwf

April 2013-4996cwf

Wesleigh asked Paw Paw to dance.  I love the way she's looking at him here :)
April 2013-5004cwf

Ever ran around the dance floor dancing most of the funny!
April 2013-5009cwf

April 2013-5018cwf

Tinsley got mobbed every time she would get close :)
April 2013-5034cwf

Crawford and Auden
April 2013-5041cwf

Crawford and Adalie
April 2013-5048cwf

Gracie LOVED this band :)  There were two girls who were full of soul and lots of good dance moves.  Gracie sat here and just watched them when she wanted a break.  She would stand up and imitate their moves afterward....oh Lordy!!
April 2013-5051cwf

I am unclear on exactly how Gracie ended up with the bouquet.  I saw it thrown to the other side of the crowd.  I saw Gracie run to where it was thrown and then I saw her come out with the bouquet.  I am hoping she did not yank it out of someone else's hands!!!  Regardless, she was thrilled.  She didn't let it go all night and kept saying "I the bwide!"
April 2013-5059cwf

April 2013-5062cwf

Rylan and sweet!
April 2013-5068cwf

One of the cutest things was the photo booth.  What fun pics to remember the night :)
photo (33)

photo (34)

My favorites! SO cute!!
 photo (35)


Tina Michelle said...

That is too cute! Love the photo booth pics! The girls are adorable in their dresses!

snekcip said...

Love Gracie's TENACITY!! The girl KNOWS what she wants and GOES AFTER IT!! Hilarious!!!!! Also...did the band perform THE WOBBLE or CUPID SHUFFLE? I bet my bottom dollar they played one of those LINE DANCES! Those two dances are the most popular to get any WALL FLOWER out of their chairs!! Love the PHOTOBOOTH shots! How cute and unique!!!

Shay Ankerich said...

I ADORE the photo booth pics!!! XOXO

3 Peanuts said...

Oh these are such awesome photos Jen. Looks like a FUN and beautiful wedding!!!! And MIss Gracie looks like the life of the party!!!!

Cori said...

You got some sweet and beautiful shots!! The photo booth looks like it was a blast, what a great idea!!

Lindy D. said...

What a beautiful wedding! The girls look darling and Gracie is a hoot! She caught the bouquet? Really? I'm keep trying to imagine her teenage

Rebecca said...

Oh that looks like the most FUN! Beautiful pics and gorgeous girls! I so wish I had the spunk of Gracie some days! :)

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