Thursday, April 18, 2013

China Bound!

Some of you have been confused about my upcoming trip to China :)  No...I am not going to get another child!  If you've followed our journey, you might remember that Gracie was once a Bamboo Baby with Pearl River Outreach before she came home to us!

N557-ZhangGuYu-2_1 (2)

In fact, Pearl River is how I found Gracie in the first place. I am thrilled to be traveling to China to visit the precious children who are a part of our program, and also give these amazing women a hug! The woman on the right was Gracie's foster mother for 2 1/2 years. The woman on the left is a special part of Pearl River and was such a huge blessing in the journey to Gracie. I cannot wait to share stories about our little firecracker!

There has been so much going on over here while I've been getting ready for this trip. Lots of things to sort out and plan...not to mention just the everyday "stuff" like ball games, practices, etc. I was hoping to get some of that posted before I leave, but it doesn't look like that is going to happen. Richard and I are leaving this afternoon for New Orleans because my flight leaves at 6:00am tomorrow!

I am excited to just have a few hours with my sweet hubby before I leave. I have to say...he has been so kind and supportive about this trip. I don't know of too many husbands that would be willing to take on the responsibilies around this house and work at the same time. He has been happy for me the entire time and that makes it SO much better! If you think of it, could you pray for him while he's here? He is having some really painful back problems and we really need the Lord to ease that while I'm gone :)

My prayer for this trip is that God will use me in whatever capacity He sees fit. Honestly, I am hoping He does not choose to lead me to adopt a 6th child, but I hope that if that is His will for us...we will listen. I cannot wait to see what He has in store for us on this trip! I will be updating the blog. I just know we are going to have an amazing trip!


snekcip said...

I so remember your journey to Gracie Joy! So HONORED to follow along as you journey again to China. Richest of BLESSINGS to your travel group , as well prayers for Richard's backpain to subside.

Amy said...

So excited to hear about your time in China. Hopefully you can share a few photos of those precious Pearl River babies

Kate said... travels. We will be praying for you on this different kind of China journey. Can't wait to follow along...

Fannie said...

I'm so excited for you ladies!! How I would love to go love on our PRO kids!! I've actually been watching for Hannah's file to be released by CCCWA. No luck so far that I KNOW of! Haha!

Praying for ya'll! Can't wait to see pics and hear stories from the trip. :)

Mary Pat said...

Praying that you have a wonderful trip and for strength and health for Richard. Enjoy!

Mary Pat

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Praying for safe travels! I can't wait to read about your trip!!

Oh I think you are just going to change the life of Gracie's foster mom by showing her the life she has now with her forever family. I can only imagine what a dream come true it will be for her to know how she perfectly fits in to her family and what a little spitfire she continues to be.


Lindy D. said...

How exciting that you can make this trip with your friends? You'll have to tell us what the girls thing of your journey. Does Gracie know that you will see her foster mother and does she remember her? So glad that you will have a chance to love on the little ones there.

Anonymous said...

I think it is SO AWESOME that you have this unique opportunity. I will be praying for all those traveling and the families that will be waiting for your return. I will anxiously be watching everyone's blogs! I know you will be giving all the children attention, but squeeze Rose a little tighter for me, my family sponsors her and she just tugs at our hearts!

Alisha from Kansas

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