Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wedding Weekend Part 1

Oh Boy...do I ever have some pics to share!  The girls and I had them most amazing weekend at my cousin's destination wedding.  It was the first destination/beach wedding I had ever attended and it was amazing!  The girls were flower girls and did such a great job.  They were gorgeous and had so much fun.

I'll start with pics from the beach.  Both my girls take after their mom and LOVE the beach!  The only day we really had to play on the beach was the morning of the wedding.  No big deal, except we had sponge rolled their hair the night before because they wanted curly hair :)  I certainly wasn't going to keep them inside all day, so we went out in our curlers...we even added a shower cap to keep the sand out :)  It worked great!  We did get some strange looks, but that certainly didn't bother us!

April 2013-4725 April 2013-4730 April 2013-4750 April 2013-4757 April 2013-4760 April 2013-4771 Between Richard and I, I think we had the craziest weekend on record. As busy as I was with the girls, I missed SO much with the boys. Richard's truck and Bryce's truck broke down, Cade had to be picked up from school and taken to the dr...strep, Cade and Braden both had 8:00 baseball games Saturday...Cade's in New Orleans! Bryce had PROM! Cade hit an amazing homerun! Cade had to be back in New Orleans for an 8:00 game Sunday morning! Braden had a 8:00 game Sunday too! We were all exhausted Sunday night. I can't remember a time when all 7 of us were so happy to get in bed!! There are many more wedding pics to come!!!


snekcip said...

Ok WHO can pull off FOAM ROLLERS on the beach better than these two!! HA!!! I can't wait to see all the CUTENESS you have coming up!! What a TEASER POST!!! :)

PS Sorry to hear about the guys weekend, it was exhausting just reading about it all!!

Fannie said...

LOL!!! These pics are too cute and funny! I LOVE that you didn't let those foam rollers stop the fun! :)

3 Peanuts said...

How cute!!! Maybe I need to try the rollers for Kate. IS it hard to do? I might need a phone call tutorial. Where do you get them? I have to admit that I recall sleeping in those as a child many a night!

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