Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Just a warning...this post definitely has TMI (too much information) but if you know me at all, you know that I love to laugh and know that if you don't laugh at yourself, life will be miserable!!

So, here goes:
Yesterday, the girls and I were eating lunch at a restaurant.  I took them to the restroom which is always such a great adventure.  The three of us were in the big stall and the girls were just talking away as they did their business.  I don't even remember exactly what they were saying but I do remember hearing the woman in the next stall giggling at them.

Next thing I know, it's my turn for the potty.  I have to preface this by explaining what I had on :)  I was wearing some slim leggings and a top...therefore, I had on underwear suited for not showing panty lines :)  When I stood up and pulled up my pants, my adorable Wesleigh commented (very loudly) "Mommy!  You panties are tooooo small for you BUTT!"

I about died!  All I could do was laugh because that is FUNNY!  I'm pretty sure the lady in the next stall about fell in the toilet trying to hurry up to get out and see who we were.  I just laughed and raised my hands....what do you do?  These girls definitely don't seem to have a filter yet!  We're working on that!!

No...thankfully, I do NOT have photos to go with this story :)  But I will leave you with a few from the day we got our Christmas tree.

Dec 2012-1128cwf

Dec 2012-1114cwf

Dec 2012-1149cwf

I'll have more Christmas tree pics later this week.

Anybody else starting to feel a little stressed about Christmas? I definitely am! I can't even seem to make myself sit down long enough to think it all through!!


Martha @ Berrybliz said...

so funny I was giggling with you and laughed right out loud when you said you didn't have any photos to go along with the story. I do love the precious christmas tree day photos. AND yes, I am feeling the holiday stress, cause we don't have any and I do mean any Christmas shopping done. YIKES!

likeschocolate said...

I agree the story is pretty funny!

Leah Mei said...

Hilarious! They are just too cute.....

Paige said...

I'm laughing all over again!!! so funny!!!
Love the pics of course!!!!

DiJo said...

Well after I figured out what "TMI" was, you know I had to LOL for the second time at this word picture!!!! Seriously... I LOVE TeaCup!!!!


Lori said...

These two are a HOOT!!! These 2 definitely keep you on your toes!!
It took me a few minutes to figure out the TMI as well...LOL


snekcip said...

Hilarious!!!! They are TOO adorable!! That Wesleigh is scrumptious!!

My 23yr old comes home on the wknds and washes and we have had our share of "thong panties" in TO BE SORTED pile.. Bre calls them "Taylor's....BOTTOM OUT PANTIES"

Oh boy do I have a PUBLIC BATHROOM STORY!! Bre and I was in the public bathroom in Kohls one day and a mother walks in w/a little boy (who obviously was TOO little to go to the MEN'S BATHROOM alone). I knew MISS "always check the bathroom signage to make sure the lady has a dress on before entering" would CALL THEM OUT! She doesn't MISS anything!! I'm trying to position myself so that she wouldn't see the "imposing" MALE FIGURE entering with his Mom!! in the FEMALE BATHROOM and failed miserably. She screamed BOY IN THE GIRLS BATHROOM!! BOY IN THE GIRLS BATHROOM! I'm trying to "shush" her and explain that "he's a little boy" and it was alright to be in the bathroom" w/his mother. She stops me mid sentence and says "Didn't his Mom see the sign on the door?!!! It's a lady NOT a MAN on the door!! I give her "THE EYE" and she mumbles LOUDLY...."Watch he TEE TEE ALL OVER THE GIRLS POTTY...JUST WATCH WHAT I TELL YA!!! Omg...I could have melted thru the floor!!! The mother thought it was hilarious, I was mortified!!

Sidenote: Ummmm yeah LETS JUST SAY (the 3 in the profile pic)is still working on their aim" whenever they visit us.

cve said...

So sweet! My daughter (who is now 4 but I think at the time was 3) once explained to me how "Jesus did not make tiny panties like that, mom, because Jesus does not like it when our booties hang out!"

Apparently she was learning about creation (how God made everything) and Modesty... hm.

Shay Ankerich said...

Hilarious!!!! Sounds like my life. :) Precious photos!!!

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