Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Time For Christmas Music

Since Bryce was in the 6th grade, a band concert has been part of our Christmas holidays. I love it! He is a junior this year and I am trying to soak in every moment with him. He actually had two concerts within the past couple of days. Dec 2012-1228

Dec 2012-1221

Dec 2012-1210

 A while back, I posted a picture of Bryce practicing on the balcony with some fellow band members. Here they are all dressed up and playing for the Christmas tree lighting in out town last night. Dec 2012-1335cwf

Dec 2012-1331

Dec 2012-1317

Notice the flower clip?? Do you recognize it? Desperate times call for desperate measures :) The wind was blowing and the boys couldn't get their papers to stay. Bryce was using Richard's phone clip and this flower was the only other thing I could find! lol... Dec 2012-1299

 I love the way the lights look like a crown on Sydney's head :) Sydney is a good friend of Bryce's and she loves the girls...they love her right back!! Dec 2012-1309

We are finally out of flip flops...straight to UGGs!
Dec 2012-1290


Paige said...

Love this and know how much fun it is, Gardner was in a band all through high school. Those boys are too cute!! I think Bryce looks just like you!
Miss you!!

likeschocolate said...

I know there was not easing into it! Yesterday, I was sweating and today I went to the mailbox and was shocked at how cold it was! Freezing! How wonderful to have a child who plays an instrument. I am still holding out that one of my children will pick up an instrument. My oldest two have no desire!

snekcip said...

Oh so remember the INVENTIVE WAYS to hold sheet music!! We used everything from hair clips to a handy rock that was near by!! It's kinda hard playing an instrument and your music is flapping in the wind. Makes for some pretty in my case back then "crazy cortortionist clarinet" antics. Those were some of the BEST high school memories ever. Bryce will have such great memories to look back on. Do you know at our 10yr reunion, most of us STILL had our instruments!! Ahem...note that I said HAD...not PLAYED them!! Still it was amazing that most of them hadn't been sold or given away. To the mother above (likeschocolate) hold on to HOPE! Of the several 10yr bandmember group, a few of us had kids who "picked up" and instrument and had a great fondness for it. My daughter included (who played the flute). It was fun to see how the bandsuits and marching techniques had changed over the years!

As so far as the weather change, we had a MAJOR coldfront come thru and literally...my FRONT is COLD...well so is my back! Ha!!

We are counting down the days here. Throw in an Academy graduation 6days *before Christmas* in the middle of the week. 1 peewee flag football game, 2 Christmas plays, 1 Christmas school luncheon, 1 office luncheon, 1 gymnastic christmas party, 1 church social, 1 church Christmas pageant...and OH YEAH...the BIGGIE.... 1 Major move for our 23 yr old (baby girl, who leaves the nest and becomes a TEXAS STATE TROOPER station 7hrs from home, just 1 week after Christmas and a "VERY TIRED" PARTRIDGE IN A PEAR TREE!!
Yah...so I'm MERRY AND BRIGHT!! Ha, if you believe that... then I have a BRIDGE IN "SAN FRANCISCO" to sell you for REAL CHEAP!! :)

Ahhh, I'm a tough old "bird"....I'll get thru it! Pass the TONIC!!

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