Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Morning

I love this shot. It was 6:45 in the morning, and as you can see, they were a little excited :)

Dec 2012-2364cwf

How sweet is this of Wesleigh, hugging her new Mulan dress.
Dec 2012-2367

Cade has a style all his own.  This was his favorite gift!  Size 11 1/2 btw!!!!!
Dec 2012-2374cwf

Bryce's favorite gift: a leather jacket.  It was 75 degrees, but I don't think he took it off all day!
Dec 2012-2386

Santa painted this mirror pink to go in the girls' room.  I'm pretty sure they will spend many hours in front of this mirror!!!  I love the way it reflected the tree in these pics :)
Dec 2012-2390

Dec 2012-2393cwf

Dec 2012-2394cwf

Braden got a video camera to video his hunts and also got my old iphone 4, which he desperately wanted :)
Dec 2012-2403

My favorite gift to give:  Grace and Wesleigh each got a photo book of their own.  I included the photos I have of them in China through their anniversary home.  The books are 240 pages each and are gorgeous!!  I made them through Blurb and would highly recommend them.  I also made a family book that I gave to grandparents and myself.
Dec 2012-2414

The front of Gracie's book: Dec 2012-2588
the back: Dec 2012-2590

The front of Wesleigh's book: Dec 2012-2591 The back: Dec 2012-2592

The front of the family book: Dec 2012-2593 the back: Dec 2012-2594

Bryce got some Raybans.
Dec 2012-2424

They loved their Mulan dresses.  I was pretty excited about them too!!
Dec 2012-2431cwf

Dec 2012-2446cwf

Of course, we would find Gracie in the box...with only her underwear on!
Dec 2012-2450cwf

Wesleigh had to join in :)
Dec 2012-2451cwf


Teresa M. said...

Jennifer, I always look forward to your Christmas pictures! The girls are adorable together...and you know I have 3 boys, too, so I can relate! I love seeing Gracie's hair is so pretty! Looks like a merry time was had by all and I wish you a Happy New Year! If we ever make it down that way, we would love to meet your family. My boys think the girls are SO cute and I know our little Asian princess, Emy would love them, too.

Paige said...

you have been busy today!!! the pics are awesome!!!! the books!!!! just beautiful.....gotta do this for my girls!!!
miss you!!!

Dawn said...

Your Christmas looked fabulous...I am in LOVE with your books..I keep putting that off, just the time it will take to do them, but wow, yours look amazing! You are right my boys are men and sadly yours are right behind them ...Happy New Year to you!

Shay Ankerich said...

Such a great day!!! LOVE the photos of them in the box! and the books are gorgeous!!! Will be cherished forever!!! XOXO

Tina Michelle said...

How fun! I love the Mulan dress. Glad the girls enjoyed!

JulieM said...

What a fun Christmas ... I can just hear all the giggles and squeals through your pictures. Those books are beautiful. I need to get on the ball and get some books made. You need to snap some pics of the inside and post them :)

snekcip said...

LOVE THE BOOKS!!! I sooooo need to do this!!! Thank you for sharing so many beautiful photos!!!

Jennifer said...

You've reminded me that I NEED to get on the blurb books!! I am so behind...but must get on it!! Yours turned out great! Looks like y'all had a wonderful Christmas

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