Sunday, December 16, 2012

Santa Comes To Town

I decided that this year, we would have another Santa party.  We haven't hosted one since Wesleigh came home, and the girls are the perfect age.  Yesterday was the big day!  We decided to make it a breakfast because it seemed simpler...and it was.  It was perfect!!  My girls didn't even know that Santa was coming, so they were floored when he walked in the house.  This post has LOTS of pics, but they are too cute not to share.

Dec 2012-1455cwf

These little Santa's were the hit of the party :)  The idea is from Pintrest, of course, and Richard actually made them for me!  Do you see that he made some of the Santas Asian!  lol...  BTW...they were as yummy as they are cute!!  I won't tell you how many I ate!
Dec 2012-1471cwf

I had way too much food!  I don't think the kids ate anything because they were so excited.
Dec 2012-1474cwf

Dec 2012-1476cwf

Dec 2012-1477cwf

Dec 2012-1482cwf

Dec 2012-1483cwf

The girls had lots of their friends there.
Dec 2012-1515cwf

The boys helped out with the ornament project...
Dec 2012-1492

(yep...there's the look again.  Makes me laugh!!)
Dec 2012-1499

...and the Reindeer food
Dec 2012-1501

Gracie was all about Santa this year!  She checked him out from head to toe and could not keep her hands off him.  She was so cute.
Dec 2012-1549cwf

Dec 2012-1550cwf

Dec 2012-1554cwf

Mrs. Claus read The Night Before Christmas
Dec 2012-1561cwf

Dec 2012-1562cwf

Dec 2012-1573cwf

Dec 2012-1574cwf was time to sit on Santa's lap.  Gracie was the first one up there.  She is asking him about his beard :)
Dec 2012-1578cwf

Dec 2012-1579cwf

Dec 2012-1584cwf

Wesleigh loved Santa too, but she was a little shy.  She even talked about being shy when she looked at these pics.  She started crying when Santa told one of the moms that she was on the naughty list!  She said, "Santa say a mean thing to Camille's mommy!"  So funny!
Dec 2012-1589cwf

Dec 2012-1590cwf

This might be my favorite pic of the day.  This is my nephew, Ever.
Dec 2012-1655cwf

My niece, Adalie
Dec 2012-1666cwf

My brother's crew:
Dec 2012-1680cwf

My crew:
Dec 2012-1708cwf

Braden had his friend-girl over for the party.  Her face turned 10 shades of red when I made them get up there!  So cute.
Dec 2012-1716cwf

We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.
Dec 2012-1728cwf

And one adorable little nephew of mine got a special talking to about getting his name off the naughty list!!  lol...
Dec 2012-1752cwf

It was perfect, and it definitely put this mom in the Christmas spirit.  I'm so glad we did it!!


3 Peanuts said...

SO CUTE!!!!! I love this Jen. Every single photo is PRICELESS. Next year, we're coming!!!

Cathy said...

What great pictures Jennifer! The party looked like it turned out great, what fun! My favorite (I think, they are ALL so good) is the last pic of Santa talking to your nephew! Priceless!

Kristi said...

Looks like an adorable party... And I have to say, you must physically feel WAY BETTER than I do to host such a party. I just got our tree decorated last night, LOL!

DiJo said...

OK - I have to start with the last picture first!!!! A keepsake forever!!! I think Santa needs a copy of that too... What a special morning for everyone!!! You did such a great job making it special! Yay that GJ was all about Santa this year... And, sweet sweet TeaCup!!!! Precious memories!!

Well done Miss Jen! Wish we were not so darn far away.. Perhaps I need the date for next year!!!


Martha @ Berrybliz said...

What an awesome fun party.

Paige said...

I'm coming next year if you do this again!:)Soooo cute!!! Your pics are great!

JulieM said...

Oh my goodness what a fun morning! All your pictures are just precious! Sweet memories for sure!

Lori said...

SO much FUN!!!! Such a GREAT idea! Love all the pics and the girls look Adorable!!! Love how their all listening as Mrs Claus reads!
Looks like you need to send some invites to folks out of town!!


Lindy D. said...

What fun! I love Gracie's excitement this year. She and WJ are so sweet. Ever and Adalie are just precious. Your sister-in-law must have her hands full... no wonder your girls no longer have monogrammed clothes! lol Love your green sofa and leopard chairs.

Leggio said...

So adorable........Love the talkin your nephew got. Need that at our house. LOL Can't wait to see yall, we are looking forward to it. :)

Shay Ankerich said...

Such a sweet party for your girls!!! Precious photos and memories made. Santa was beautiful!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Blessings! XO

likeschocolate said...

I think this party is an amazing idea! I love how the cake does not forget who we really are celebrating! Merry Christmas!

Sophie said...

Beautiful pictures!! You are such a great mom!!

jodymcnatt said...

precious and delightful. all of it. perhaps next year santa and his reindeer can stop in minnesota on their way and pick up a few little girls here! =)

jodymcnatt said...

precious. all of it. perhaps next year santa and his reindeer can swing into minnesota for a few girls on their way! delightfully done, jen!

Stacy said...

That is one of the coolest things ever!!!
You are my idol!!!
Where in the world do you find the energy? Send some my way!
Miss you!!
Merry Christmas!!

Sharon said...

What a wonderful party! I so enjoyed looking through your pictures. Some of the expressions on the kids are just priceless. Your girls were just adorable as ever. I loved Gracie's fascination with Santa-so cute!

Keisha said...

What a Great Party! Good thing Santa's beard was real.. Gracie might have yanked it off! lol!!!! I can just see her curious little self.. checking Santa out!lol! Too cute!
And, I LOL when I saw the"Chinese" Santa's!! Good one Richard! lol!

Mary Sammons said...

Such a great party! Making memories is my favorite part of December! I love the seeing the change in Gracie from last year. She is such a little ham! And all of the pictures... Priceless! Those twin babies of your brothers are little heart throbs too! I think the photo of your nephew looking at santa would make an awesome print! Merry Christmas!

snekcip said...

Now THIS is a PRECIOUS PARTY!!! These pictures are priceless!!!

PS Love their ruffles tights!!

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