Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Eve

We had a quiet Christmas Eve at my parents. Richard stayed at home in bed all night, so it was just the me and the kids. Dec 2012-2344cwf

Dec 2012-2348cwf

We left Santa some cookies and cupcakes, and off to bed. Dec 2012-2354cwf

Rich didn't get out of the bed all night, so it made for a strange night for me. Thankfully, Santa didn't bring any supersized presents!! :)


snekcip said...

It must have been the BUG visiting every household this season. This is like the 3rd blog I read that had a "hubby sick". I don't blog, but my hubby stayed sick in the bed all weekend as well. It was ....odd!!

snekcip said...

Love their SMOCKED dresses!!!

Martha said...

Sorry your hubby was sick. I hope he's all better and that no one else in the family gets sick. Love the Christmas photos.

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