Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas in Houston

We started our Christmas celebrations in Houston with Richard's family.  We also got to sneak a couple of extra visits in while we were there :)

We stopped in and visited Kim and the 3 peanuts for a little while.  I think my crew might have been a bad influence.  Just look:

Dec 2012-2119

Dec 2012-2124

This group shot cracks me up! By this point, I was just about pushing my kiddos out the door, so we'd leave before they broke something!
  Dec 2012-2129 

I'm being a bit (tiny bit) dramatic. The girls had a blast together, and Gracie thoroughly enjoyed pulling every toy Kate owns out onto the floor, while the boys built a fire outside :) Dec 2012-2095

Love you, Kim! Thanks for feeding us and letting us invade your gorgeous home for a little while :) Dec 2012-2114

Our next visit was with Amber and her crew.  I got to meet Amber and her family right before they traveled to China to get Miss Mia, so I was anxious to meet the newest member of their family.  She is precious and had us laughing all night. Dec 2012-2223

Mia is the teeniest little thing and she fell in love with Bryce.  He sat and played with her most of the night.  She loved to follow him around and I wish I had taken a picture of that.  I don't think she came up to his knees :)  Mia makes the funniest faces you've ever seen and I love this shot of the two of them :)
Dec 2012-2219

Now the whole reason we were in Houston in the first place!  We were able to spend some time with Richard's parents and sister. The girls kept Grandma Bec busy playing Memory, reading books, Dec 2012-2142 making a gingerbread house Dec 2012-2147

Dec 2012-2152

Dec 2012-2157

Dec 2012-2159

playing at the park and decorating cupcakes Dec 2012-2239

and Grandpa taught the boys new games Dec 2012-2216

Daddy almost gave Grandma Bec a heart attack when he put Gracie on the the table to dance :) Dec 2012-2301

 Heather and the girls
  Dec 2012-2283

Dec 2012-2305

Dec 2012-2315

Dec 2012-2318

Dec 2012-2393

Dec 2012-2408

Dec 2012-2409

The family
Dec 2012-2383cwf

Dec 2012-2386cwf

Oh...what can I say??
Dec 2012-2387cwf

Richard came down with the flu while we were there.  He put on the bravest face he could, but spent all of Christmas Eve in the bed after we got home.

I know Grandpa and Grandma Bec enjoyed us being there, but I'm pretty sure they were happy to see our car drive off too!  lol... They are probably still recuperating!


3 Peanuts said...

I am so sorry that Richard got sick!! That is awful. I hope he is feeling better now. We enjoyed having you here and y'all are welcome anytime!!!

Love the funny face photo. We have been doing those too!

Paige said...

Oh this makes me miss you!!!! The kids are awesome and would fit right into my family:) Bring em on!!! Can't wait to see the rest of Christmas!

Sophie said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful family!!

Shay Ankerich said...

What a wonderful holiday! LOVE that you were able to visit with friends AND family!!! Sure hope Richard is better! Blessings and love!!! XOXO

likeschocolate said...

looks like the perfect recipe minus the flu for an amazing Christmas!

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