Sunday, December 23, 2012

Make a Joyful Noise!

I have SO much to post!  We have been in Houston since Thursday visiting Richard's parents for Christmas, so I haven't been able to update!

First thing is first!  The girls Christmas program....  Oh MY!!  All I can say is that Gracie Joy did not disappoint!  Holy Moly, does that girl love to perform!!  She was "that kid".  You know, the one that drowns out every other voice...the one that is so over the top dramatic, that you find yourself watching her... when you should be watching your own child.  Yep...that's my Gracie girl.  I loved every second of it!  I love seeing her embrace life and squeeze every ounce of it she can.  I couldn't help sit there in awe realizing that just a year ago, she really didn't know much English at all, and cried through the whole thing.  Just amazing!!

Of course, Wesleigh was a perfect angel and did everything exactly as she was supposed to.  It is so much fun to see how different they are.  I love that they are each loved and appreciated for their individual qualities at this school.  I never want Wesleigh to feel drowned out by Gracie, but I'll be the first to admit, that Gracie is a force to be reckoned with :) You'll notice that Wesleigh is sitting in the dead center. She is never in any danger of needing correction from a teacher. When I asked them where they were sitting before the program, Wesleigh said that Gracie was by her teacher because she couldn't stay still. :) Wesleigh is perfectly happy quietly doing what she's supposed to :) are a few of the million pictures I took that night!

Dec 2012-1817cwf

This was before the program started and she saw all of us in the audience.
Dec 2012-1847cwf

Dec 2012-1850cwf

Dec 2012-1853cwf

She watched the administrator intently as she read parts of the Christmas story.  She even waved to her and blew her kisses as she read :)
Dec 2012-1859cwf

My sweet angel...
Dec 2012-1868cwf

Dec 2012-1873cwf

...and my joyful noise :)
Dec 2012-1882cwf

Dec 2012-1887cwf

Dec 2012-1897cwf

Notice the little girl two rows below Gracie?  OMGoodness!!  She and Gracie make quite a pair!
Dec 2012-1907cwf

Dec 2012-1936cwf

In the middle of the program, Miss Thang actually snapped her finger and pointed to someone in the audience to shush them!!!  I do not think she could see her brothers but I hope she was snapping at them and not someone else's parents!!!!  Everyone was too busy laughing to be too offended though.
Dec 2012-1946cwf

Miss Wesleigh and Richard's sister, Amanda.
Dec 2012-1964cwf

The girls and their two amazing teachers:
Dec 2012-1982cwf

Dec 2012-1983cwf

Dec 2012-1985cwf

This little boy is in class with the girls.  He was seated right next to Wesleigh during the program.  His mom said he talks about Wesleigh constantly :)  I love this first picture.  He looks scared to death!!  lol...
Dec 2012-1996

SO precious!!!
Dec 2012-1999

It was such a fun night.  I was so proud of my girls.  I love that the fact that they are alive and singing about the birth of Jesus, is a miracle from heaven.  I am so proud to be the one they call "Mommy".  What a joy straight from heaven they are!


likeschocolate said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! The girls look darling in their outfits.

Leggio said...

Hearing you talk about it the other night cracked me up but the pics are so hillarious. Merry Christmas Girl!!!!!! Those girls are just beautiful and your boys were just too sweet to my kiddos. Thanks for the visit.

Paige said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! so very precious!!!! The snapping fingers made me laugh out loud!!She is a MESS and I can't wait to meet them both!!!

Now on to really important things:) I sure hope I learn to take inside pics like you!!! These are awesome!!

Merry Christmas!!!! I can't wait to see all your fun in Houston!

Heather said...

Hi, I stumbled across your blog months ago as we were praying our daughter home from China (she is now home and has added so much to our family, I cannot imagine us without her!). I love reading about your family and seeing the girls' personalities! And, I must admit I LOVE how you dress your girls! I think you should do a blog post on where you shop. Or, maybe you make their adorable dresses! Love these non-traditional Christmas outfits. Anyhow, keep sharing, you are impacting many with your adoption story!

Stacy said...

Oh, my goodness, Jen!!
That is so precious and hilarious!!
Love it.
Merry Christmas!!
Much love!

Martha @ Berrybliz said...

Sweet it.

snekcip said...

Love EVERY photo!! That Gracie is hilarious. I had to giggle to myself bc Bre is THAT child that usually has to be wrangled by the teacher bc she CAN'T keep still!!! I love both her and Wesleigh's personality. I adore your girls and must admit, Gracie Joy is a JOY TO WATCH! It's like watching Bre in rewind. Loved the "My sweet Angel" and "Joyful Noise"! PERFECT!!!

OH wait....Gracie and the litle girl sitting below her...OMG!!! Priceless!!!!

OK...I have tried this word verification like 4x's!! I cannot see this a.m.!!!

kristin said...

Oh, I'm roaring through this whole post! I love it! Wesleigh has a special place in my heart because my son and she are from the same SWI. But, Gracie is adorable! I love her personality!

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