Monday, December 12, 2011

A Special Meeting

When Gracie was 18 months old, she was entered into a program named Pearl River Outreach.  When she was 2 1/2, the founder of this organization, Christina, traveled to China and was able to spend a little time with Gracie and her foster mother.  Yesterday, Gracie was able to meet Christina for a second time and I was able to meet her for the first time.  It is because of PRO that Gracie was able to spend 2 years of her life in a loving foster home, and it is because of PRO that I saw Gracie's picture in the first place.  I just love how God puts the pieces of the puzzle together....even when they make no sense to us. 

Here is a picture taken from Christina's trip to China. She is the blonde sitting next to Gracie and her China mom. Changsha FM's & Dir. Wei we are today! JenGJChristina-8871

I was so happy to meet Christina and her precious family while we are away from home. I am forever in her debt because she listened to the call of God and helped me find my Gracie. Here are some more pics from the day: Group-8880-2

Five adorable miracles from China. TheKidsCUTE- CEDJG-8878

If you want to help an orphan have the same opportunity to live with a loving family instead of an orphanage, please visit HERE and participate in the amazing giveaway they are having today. You can also visit HERE to learn how to sponsor a child. Someone sponsored my Gracie Joy for the months before I found her. What a difference their small sacrifice made in the life of my child and our family! Please consider being that person for another precious child!!

Diana left today. The ride back from the airport was so sad. I was already emotional and Gracie cried the saddest cry ever. She wanted to get on the airplane and go home :( She is doing so great, and we are really enjoying our time together. She's getting some 1 on 1 attention that she needed, but we're ready...we want to go home!  It looks like her medical issues are going to be taken care of with 2 over the counter medicines!! Thank you, Lord!!

I have another BFF coming tomorrow to spend a couple days with me so I'm looking forward to that. God knew that I would lose my mind without some sweet friends to share my time with!


Lindy D. said...

I couldn't help but cry when I read that Gracie's medical problems will be so easily solved. I am SO happy for her and for you. Praise the Lord!!

How sweet that you could stay with Diana's family, meet Emme Jade, reunite with Diana, and connect with Christina. Gracie was such an adorable 2 1/2 year old! What a wonderful sign that Gracie is longing for home.

Paige said...

So wonderful that you got to meet Christina, I am so very grateful for her too.
I am thrilled to hear Gracie's news, 2 over the counter meds, that is just wonderful. I am really not looking forward to 2 weeks away from home but its just got to be done so I'll go with it:)
Still no response back from my email requests ugg....I think I'm just done and have to know God is in control. Sure wish I still had Stephanie on my side:)
Have a great week and continued good news with precious Gracie!

Ani said...

God is so good! So happy to read that Gracie's medical issues can be solved or taken care of with OTC meds!!!!
Safe travels home!

snekcip said...

Wonderful update!! So happy for the test results! Beautiful pics as always.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Gosh this was an awesome post. That is just so amazing that your story could come so full circle like that. So special!

ANd OMG that is wonderful news that otc meds can help your sweet Gracie!!


Jennifer said...

Yay!!! I'm so glad all of her medical needs are going to be taken care of with OTC meds!! God is SOOOO good!!! I know y'all are so ready to go home but thankfully you have good friends to visit with to make the time go by faster!
I love that pic of little Gracie with her foster family...what a cutie!
2 full days to finish up my packing!! Can NOT believe this day is here! And to all started with bricks!!!

Linda said...

I'm reminded of what a miracle Gracie finding her way here was! So thankful for those who helped make it happen - most of all to the Lord! He did good!

Brooke said...

That is SO special!! SO exciting to see all these little miracles home with their forever families!!! xoxo Brooke

Football and Fried Rice said...

Just so emotional - all of it! How are you hanging in there?? lol - you probably can't/wont even process all the miracles and blessings until years later! I mean, how could you?? Such a wonderful opportunity and so, so glad that so many people came along side you and helped get Gracie Joy home!

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