Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve

This holiday has been so bazarre. With Gracie and I being out of town, things just haven't been quite right. It got here before I was ready for it. On the other hand, it is lasting forever!! We started with our Christmas service on Friday night, then Christmas Eve, then Christmas. Now we wait until Friday to do Christmas with my family. My brother and his family will be here from Colorado so we can't wait to see them. Usually, I would have Christmas packed away by now, but we have alot of Christmas left!

A quick pic of all my kiddos before church. Christmas Eve 2011 (10 of 50)sweet color

Can you believe, this is the first picture of the 7 of us since the airport!! Christmas Eve 2011 (18 of 50)sweet color

We went to my parents for our traditional seafood gumbo dinner. Turns out...Gracie LOVES gumbo!! Both my girls seem to love South Louisiana cooking. I think they were both born to be cajuns!! :) Christmas Eve 2011 (22 of 50)

My parents Christmas Eve 2011 (25 of 50)

I took about 10 pictures of this group. In every single one, Gracie was making some crazy face. I just picked the one that everyone else looked the best :) Christmas Eve 2011 (31 of 50)

The kids got to open their stockings from my parents. Christmas Eve 2011 (36 of 50)

It's cute how much they love stockings. (Even the big ones!) Christmas Eve 2011 (37 of 50) Christmas Eve 2011 (44 of 50)

This was our elf, Ethan's, final spot before he headed back to the North Pole for good. We only had a week with Ethan this year. Next year, he will get to see much more :) Christmas Eve 2011 (45 of 50)

I love this Christmas card wreath.
  Christmas Eve 2011 (46 of 50)

We read a few stories, put out cookies for Santa and headed to bed. Christmas Eve 2011 (48 of 50)

Christmas Eve 2011 (49 of 50)

Wesleigh kept saying, "I just so es-sited"!  Gracie had no idea what was about to happen, but she's always happy to be part of something "essiting"  :)


From This Moment said...

Your family is just beautiful!

Opiniones incorrectas said...

Nice pics and lovely family :) Merry Christmas! (k)

Sharon Ankerich said...

Looks like you had a great time together! Love the girls' dresses and their smiles are gorgeous! SO happy your family is together for Christmas!!! Blessings and love! XO

funks said...

Where did you find your Christmas card wreath? I've been looking for one, but most hang on the wall. Our house plan is VERY open and I have limited wall space, so I'm on the lookout for a stand one.


snekcip said...

You surely can't go wrong w/Tony Chacere seasoning can you?!!! I also made a gumbo and my hubby forgot the TC seasoning, he had to high-tail it back to the store before it closed on Christmas Eve!! How dare he...that's a DEEP SOUTH staple!!!! Do the grocery stores there carry Zummo smoke sausage *linked/party time* Both are good!! They are the ALL-TIME best for gumbo and practically every southern dish. From picnics to quick fix...from barbecue's to eating them and watching the evening news!! Yes! They are THAT good!! Zummo's company is literally in my own back yard!! EVERYONE loves them from near and far!! When the kids come in from Dallas, they ALWAYS stack up w/Zummo sausage and DJ's boudain!! Poor Big D have to suffer w/Earl Campbell sausage!!! LOL!!! Oops sorry Dallas Cowboy fans...but the sausage is almost worse as the team!! HA!!

Martha said...

Love it, born to be cajuns...we have relatives in LA...love louisiana cooking too

Kim said...

LOVE the photos.. Will you please send me details on where you got the wreath for the Christmas cards.. I have been looking for something to hang on wall or sit like that..Love it.. Love ya..

quilt'n-mama said...

Awesome photos, I love the one of your whole family. Gracie cracks me up with her faces... reminds me of some funny ones I got to see in China:)

Our Christmas has been different this year too... seems like it came and passed so quickly and we missed some many of our traditions we usually do.

Here's to a great New Year...

Football and Fried Rice said...

Love, love, love the new family picture :) and I love that your girls love their gumbo! Their Santa dresses are too adorable!

Permanent Nomad said...

your family is so beautiful!! i love that picture of the girls holding hands in front of the tree!! hope you all had a wonderful christmas!

Jennifer said...

What a fun Christmas y'all had!! I love the ones of the boys just getting out of bed and the girls all excited running to see what Santa brought! So cute!! Looks like the trampline was a hit! I don't think kids ever get too old for those!

Kristi said...

The Gracie faces absolutely crack me up! I can tell both your girls were so es-sited!

Happy New Year!

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