Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gracie Update

Today was our hard day. They put her to sleep to get a better look at her and the news was good. I'm going to know more tomorrow after I meet with the Dr. again. I probably won't be posting details because I don't really want to put all Gracie's personal business out there, but I'm hopeful we will be able to find a solution without surgery. I can tell you this...Gracie Joy was the talk of the hospital today! Every single person we saw couldn't get enough of her. They loved her bow, dress, boots, blanket and personality.  They couldn't stop talking about how beautiful she is. Of course, I couldn't agree more! Nobody could believe that she's only been home for 3 months.

She's taking a picture for her daddy here. Boy does she miss all of our guys (and girl) at home. We were skyping last night and she kept kissing Richard on the screen and rubbing his face. SO sweet! photo3

They gave her an oral sedative to help her relax before they brought her back. They thought she would fall asleep, but not a chance. She was still singing "Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes" when they came for her. Considering that they didn't bring her back until 3:30 and she hadn't had anything to eat all day...she was great. I was crabbier than she was :) photo2

I feel like we're downhill from here.  We still have appointments but nothing invasive like we've done this week.  The best part is that Diana and Emme come tomorrow for the weekend!!!  I am SO excited and can't wait to spend time with them both!!


Paige said...

Great news!! Love how she is always in motion!! Just precious!!

Jana said...

Thrilled for your good news for Gracie! I am excited to see pictures of Gracie and Emme together, as I follow both of your blogs. The visit will be a nice treat for you all!

Rebekah said...

So thankful for your good news about Gracie!
I hope you have a fabulous weekend with your friends!!! I know you are both very excited to see each other!

Jennifer said...

That's great new!!! Praying for good results today too! What a cutie....I'm sure she had everybody there wrapped around her finger! Enjoy your weekend!!

Kristi said...

Have a great time with Diana! I hope everything with Gracie continues to go well.

snekcip said...

Thanking God for good results. That Gracie reminds me so much of my girl!! Enjoy your weekend with Diane and the crew.

Wishing you continued blessings from TEXAS.

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