Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Day

How about this crew?  They're looking a little rough!

Christmas Day 2011 (20 of 20)

These 2, on the other hand, were ready to go!!  That squeal you heard about 7:30 Christmas morning?  Yep...that was Gracie!!
Christmas Day 2011 (21 of 20) Christmas Day 2011 (23 of 20)

I love this shirt. If you've been reading for a while, you know that Cade's nickname has been "the beast" since he played tball. I thought this was perfect!! Christmas Day 2011 (24 of 20)

These were my favorite gifts for the boys. I had these posters made for each one of them from Snapfish. I was stunned at how beautiful they were! They took a matter of minutes to make online. I ordered them already framed and they are perfect! The boys seemed to like them too. Christmas Day 2011 (26 of 20)

Of course, Cade's was his football season. I just have to give a quick shout-out to our Saints superstar Drew Brees who just broke the record of passing yardage in a season!! I told Cade I wanted him to be sure to watch him do it because in a few years, he would be breaking Brees' record :) I wanted him to be able to say that he watched when Drew broke it!! lol...
Hey...a Mama can dream, can't she??? Christmas Day 2011 (27 of 20)

I love Braden's with that big picture of him catching...kind of makes me ready for baseball :)

Christmas Day 2011 (28 of 20)

And Bryce's with some of his Sea Cadet highlights of the year. Christmas Day 2011 (29 of 20)

Of course, the stars of the show were these two little princesses. They were so funny! We had a princess explosion over here.  I have the glitter to prove it!!
Christmas Day 2011 (30 of 20)

Bryce got this back scratcher from my parents' stocking. He went around driving everyone crazy with that thing! Here he is playing with Wesleigh. I love the look on his face. Christmas Day 2011 (32 of 20)

I intentionally didn't crop the "aftermath" from this picture (and this is after we cleaned up). My floor was (and is again) coated with glitter from all the princess garb. It looked like a fairy blew up in my keeping room!! Christmas Day 2011 (33 of 20)

The girls got these training chop sticks in their stockings. Wesleigh used them to eat her breakfast.   She might not look like it...but this girl can eat!!Christmas Day 2011 (34 of 20)

The highlight was the trampoline! Cade was the one who asked for it, but it is a favorite of everyone. Even though it was drizzly all day, it didn't keep them inside. Christmas Day 2011 (35 of 20) Christmas Day 2011 (36 of 20) Christmas Day 2011 (38 of 20)

Just being silly with my "little" boy!! Christmas Day 2011 (5 of 17)

Richard's dad and brother made an appearance. Christmas Day 2011 (12 of 17)

Then Richard's mom and dad (yep...2 dads :) came. I must have been tired of taking pics at this point because there aren't many :( Christmas Day 2011 (15 of 17) Christmas Day 2011 (18 of 17)

And we're not done yet!  My family is coming on Friday to do Christmas.  It's the holiday that lasts forever :)


snekcip said...

Love the shutterfly posters! I gave each of my kids blanket collages. Each blanket had pictures of them and their kids. Now I'm gonna make one for MYSELF of my grandkids. The blankets were stunning! What a special keepsake as are the boys posters! I LOVE the girls Christmas dresses and the leggings under Wesleigh's dress I GOT TO HAVE!!!! Please let me know where you find those!!

Sharon Ankerich said...

I think you all did Christmas VERY well!!! Loved seeing all the gifts and especially smiles on faces!!! Blessings and love as you welcome your family this week. XO

Football and Fried Rice said...

The posters ROCK!!! I love them (and bonus for Mom, a little decorating for their rooms!)

We got a trampoline this past summer and the kids LOVE it. They spend hours and hours on it! When it's hot, you can throw a sprinkler underneath it and voila - you've just taken it to a whole new level :) add water balloons and they're in paradise!

Love all the glitter - fun!!

Pink Velvet Mommy said...

cute cute pics!!! I think that same glitter fairy blew up over our house too!!!

I am cracking up at that back scratcher pic as Bryce is obviously throwing back some rootbeer for his breakfast!!! Breakfast of champions in my book:)

Hayden has the training chopsticks too and she LOVES them. She eats everything with them and it is hilarious. She mastered them almost immediately:)

Glad you all had a great holiday!!

Lauren McGowan said...

What a delight to "peek in" on your family on Christmas morning! Thanks for sharing with us. I was wondering how things went, and now I feel as if I was there! Hope to see yall soon.

Lindy D. said...

What a fun morning. Love the picture of you and Bryce! Gracie looks like she has some talent on the trampoline.

I love the Christmas decoration above the window in your kitchen. Did you make it? It looks like blue and green ornaments glued together. How does it stay up there? Very cute!

Lori said...

Love the frame pics! What a Great idea!!!!
Girls looked adorable in their princess attire...:)

Enjoy your time with your family!!!

Martha said...

love the boys' posters...looks like you had a lot of fun can't believe you are having another go at it this Friday. I am hoping to have all my decor down by then...can't wait to see the 2nd set of Christmas photos...enjoy the rest of your Christmas holidays with your sweet family

Keisha said...

Looks you all had a Great Christmas! I love the pictures for the boys! What an awesome idea! Hope you have a Happy New year!

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