Friday, December 2, 2011

It's Really Over

I have to all the years I've been watching my boys play sports, I can only think of one other time when I was actually sad to see a playing season end.  Usually, I enjoy the whole season, but am ready to move on by the time it ends.  I do not feel that way about Cade's football season!  I am genuinely sad that it's over :(  Cade is over it...Richard is over it...I am not.  It's so silly and by the time baseball gets her (January) I'll be fine.

I never posted about the superbowl because, honestly, I needed a little time to get over the disappointment.  I know...crazy!  Cade was over it the next morning...not me :)

So here it is...the big day. The boys were so excited! (we all were!!) This is Cade and his awesome little teammate, Derek.  Derek made Cade look good all season long :)superbowl (2 of 355)
superbowl (4 of 355) superbowl (5 of 355)

Love this shot of all the jerseys.
superbowl (13 of 355) superbowl (39 of 355)

They rode to the game in a charter bus...just because.  They were so excited!!
superbowl (41 of 355) superbowl (42 of 355) superbowl (47 of 355)

I didn't post pics of the actual game because it isn't anything I haven't posted before and the pics are awful because it's a night game.  They played hard but in the end, the other team was just better...and that's ok.  Cade left it all on the field and that's all anyone can ask for.  He was pretty beat up all game long, but kept going for more.  I'm so proud of him.

Here we are getting the second place trophy.  Such a great accomplishment, but still hard to come short of the big goal!!
superbowl (349 of 355) superbowl (355 of 355)

Last night was the end of the season banquet.  Richard was out of town so it was a Cade date :)
Football banquet 2011 (1 of 18)

They sure spoiled the boys with a trophy, ball, hat and a ring! He is so proud of it!!Football banquet 2011 (8 of 18)

Football banquet 2011 (9 of 18)

This is coach Derek.  He is "little" Derek's dad.  He played for the MLB and NFL and coached an arena football team.  He is a huge reason why this season was so successful.  The amount of time and energy he put into Cade is amazing.  I am so thankful and blessed.  The first game of the season, Derek was coaching with a camera around his neck.  He was trying to take pictures in the middle of everything!!  I put a stop to that by sending him tons of pictures from the game each week.  It was our little trade off...he helps Cade, I give him pics :)
Football banquet 2011 (11 of 18)

I told these boys they'd better keep these balls in a safe place because one day all of their signatures would be worth alot!!
Football banquet 2011 (13 of 18)

Football banquet 2011 (14 of 18) So that's it...the last football post of 2011...Can't wait for 2012!


Brooke said...

I don't know why I'm so emotional. I think it's this adoption roller coaster we're on making me nuts-o! But, I cried through this entire post. I guess the "adoption pregnancy hormones" really are real. LOL! Congrats on an AWESOME season!! :) xoxo Brooke

Paige said...

Love it! Hank and I totally get into John David's swimming, glad it lasts all year and will be so sad if he decides he does not want to do it any more, I just won't let him know:)

Congratulations Cade on a great season!!

DiJo said...

Oh my word!!!! Are they in college?!! No wonder football is so HUGE in the south.. That fun party makes me want to play!!! LOVE the ring!! Congrats to Cade (and his Mom) for an awesome season!!!!!

That Crimson looks good on you!!!!


Sharon said...

Congrats again to Cade and his team! How awesome that they received rings-very cool!

Kim said...

I always LOVED watching my kids play sports..
Sooo fun.

Jennifer said...

Looks like everybody had a fun season!...including mama! :)

snekcip said...

Congratulations on a WONDERFUL season Cade!!

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