Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy 16th Birthday Bryce!

WOW!!  That was fast!  0 to 16 in about 3 days flat!!  How does that happen?

I'm pretty sure it was just yesterday that this was Bryce:

August 2012-8733

Bryce has always been infatuated with anything on wheels (He even wants to be a pilot "when he grows up").  His favorite childhood toys were hot wheels and a roads mat.  If I had a nickel for every time I was asked to "pay roads"...  Years ago, in a former life, I used to scrapbook.  (I quit after our fire and I lost most of them)  This one survived and today...that makes me very happy :)

August 2012-8735 (notice the spare truck in the back!)

Now look at my baby boy: August 2012-8737 Finally has his own "real" wheels. This was Richard's old truck. It has a ton of miles on it, and is perfect for Bryce's first vehicle. He is so proud.

  August 2012-8789

We had a party for him, which was originally just going to be family. Then we realized that he had band practice from 6:00-8:00. I told him he could ask some of his friends to come over and eat cake if he'd like.... August 2012-8791

Yep...just a few!!! lol...  (there are about 10 of these boys upstairs sleeping now!)August 2012-8796

August 2012-8799

August 2012-8800

I'm just realizing that I have NO pics of family!!  It was a little overwhelming!

These two would never admit it, but they were super excited for Bryce. This was their way of expressing that :)
August 2012-8801

They actually came to me in the middle of the chaos and asked if I approved. Of course I did! Had it not been so crazy, I would have taught them how to do a better job than that!!! I've rolled a few houses/cars in my day!!! :)

Bryce, I am so proud of the man you are becoming, and so proud to call you my son.  You have amazing gifts that God has given you and am so excited that I have a front row seat to see how He uses those gifts in the future!


Paige said...

So fun!! happy birthday Bryce!!

DiJo said...

Cracking up!! I have never rolled a car!!! A few trees, of course!!! Happy Birthday Bryce!! Way to pass that driver's test! I wish you were closer, so you could help me!!! :)

Blessings for a fabulous year!!!!


The Gutmans' said...

Love the two little's helping blow out his candles...precious. Time does go by way to fast!!! Happy Birthday Bryce :)

Linda said...

The chaos last night left us all speechless - I think even Amanda and Christopher felt "old". I've thought a lot today about Bryce and his little matchbox cars. Remember how he would make the n-n-n-n-n noise for hours! I never imagined the day when a GRANDCHILD would grow up so quickly!!! So proud of you Bryce!!! And happy for you! As you keep on the process of growing into a man - don't forget your old grandma!!

Leggio said...

hope Bryce had a Happy birthday!!!!! it goes by way to fast. Loved that you have wrapping experience way to pass on a heritage to your boys. LOL

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday Bryce!

Sharon Ankerich said...

Happy birthday to your boy!!! XO

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