Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back to School

Well...the boys went back to school today!  It's early, but they also get out earlier than most people in May which is good.  They were all excited to go back.  Braden has been at a different school the past two years, so I know he was excited to see old friends.  Cade is thrilled to be in Jr. High, and a little nervous to be at a new school where he doesn't know the teachers.  I am happy that they are back in the same place for a year :)

August 2012-8838

(Braden even fixed his hair this morning! He made sure to let me know that he only cared because it was the first day. Tomorrow, all bets are off! lol....) August 2012-8840

Notice Cade's socks and shoes.  He is not one for following the crowd.  He likes to do things his own way (and most times, people follow his lead)  I love that!!!
August 2012-8844

 Bryce is excited to go back...mainly because he now gets to drive himself. I have to say...that little piece of plastic seems to have gone to his head! He has become quite, what's a nice word to use... annoying!! It's only been 2 days and he's already gotten very upset at me for not letting him run the roads whenever he wants. (He doesn't read my blog so I can write this!!! lol...) I suppose he's testing his boundaries, but it has left me with my mouth hanging open a couple of times. IT's ONLY BEEN TWO DAYS!! This morning, we were all getting ready for school, I look our the window and see Bryce backing out of the driveway!! He didn't even say goodbye!!! He so should have known better because I ran him down, made him get out and take this picture!!!

August 2012-8834

I can't look at it without laughing out loud! So funny...and such good revenge for his stinky attitude! I can't even tell you how mad I would have been if I hadn't caught him though!! Here's another, just for good measure!

August 2012-8835

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I'm still laughing!!!

Here's to a great school year!!!


snekcip said...

Oh how I remember THOSE days!! I say "use it to your advantage while you can"!! Watch how "eager" he is to run errands!! Funny story when my oldest first got his license. Pre-cellphone days, I sent my son to the store to get the "Aunt Jemima pancake mix" and a few other things. He assured me "he didnt need a note" He was 16 NOT 6!!! He grabbed the keys and hurriedly scrambled to his "new ride" (actually it was a 13yr old truck). After about 45mins, my MOMMY BRAIN started to get worried, I tried to refrain, but COULD NOT!!! I dialed our neighborhood grocer and (Uh...yeah I called the store) and asked to have him paged!! When he answered he was VERY annoyed (not in the fact that I called him) but only because he had been "trying forever to find "AINT YOUR MOMMA" pancake mix!! HILARIOUS!!!!

We STILL tease him about that!!!

Speaking of HILARIOUS... Bryce expression is priceless!!! His expression is reading "OMG..would this woman PUH-LEASE let me get to school and show off"!!!LOL!!!! At least he wasn't grimacing or scowling!! Happy School year to your guys!! The school year starts on the 27th here and Bre is READY TO GO!!!

Kjbikakis said...

My brother is the same way with his driving. I didn't drive for almost a whole year after my twin because i was scared lol, but now that i've been driving i also have tested my boundaries and quickly learned that i cant just go anywhere i want after i work even if i tell my parents.
Hope you guys have a great school year!
God Bless~
-Kirstie Bikakis

Jboo said...

Such cute boys! So funny about your new driver! Hey, you were really nice about the pictures and didn't make them hold "I'm a 7th Grader" or 9th grader or whatever signs up!!! Love uniforms, don't you! :)

DiJo said...

Oh my gosh, I can just see you running down the driveway in your PJ's with the Nikon around your neck!!!! Poor Bryce.. He has no idea what his life is going to be like for the next year!!!! Good thing he has you to keep him grounded!!!!

LOVE the sox on your confident boy... And, tell Braden his hair looks great! I am guessing he got noticed by someone today!!!

YIKES - 3 cute boys might be as scary as 4 girls!!!

Love ya,

lori carolina said...

That is SO funny Jen, I love the "Seriously, mom?!" expression!! He surely wasn't thinking he's beyond a back-to-school picture now was he?! lol They're all quite charming and handsome! I hope you all have a great year!

Kim said...

oh girl it has only begun... you will have TONS more attitude...
Love the photos...
and sad but I have noone going back to school... well not true .. KyLee and Colton start collage... ugh... love ya

my3 kids said...

Love it....don't you just love the teen attitude?? I feel for you because we have a 17 year old too who has a girlfriend of 8 months and lives 20 mins away so he wants to be running the roads at all times and being everyones taxi. Glad you got him for a picture...Kyle hates that I still want " first day" of school pix. Both your younger boys are very handsome too:)

Paige said...

Oh girlfriend, it is just beginning. I really did get the best laughs during the teenage years because I always got even:)

Sharon Ankerich said...

Happy first days of school to your handsome boys!!! XO

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