Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Full Circle

Do you ever have so much going on that you feel like you have nothing to blog about?  Between open houses, football practice and games, band, etc...we have been busy!  It has struck me just how much I missed last year being in China.  I felt like I never caught up and I'm sure I was right!  Even though I've been busy, though, I'm pretty sure it's nothing you'd be interested in reading about!

We do have something exciting happening next week, however!  The girls will be back in school!  I cannot tell you how ready the three of us are.  Since the boys have gone back to school, the girls are constantly asking about their school.  Thankfully, the countdown is on!  We went to their classroom today to "meet" their teacher.  This is where the "full circle" comes in.

Here are the girls and Mrs. Abadie:

August 2012-9008

And here is Mrs. Abadie with Cade when he was 4! August 2012-9013

 I'm sure if you've watched the news, you know that tomorrow is the 7th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. That means that today is the 7 year anniversary of my grandmother's death, and 6 days from now is the 7 year anniversary of our house fire. I went through my pictures to find one of Cade and Mrs. Abadie and saw these:

 On the porch, watching the wind from Katrina. August 2012-9012

the aftermath: August 2012-9010

and our big aftermath: August 2012-9014

 I wasn't planning to post about hurricanes and fires, but since everyone is home from school today because of our impending Hurricane Issac, it's kind of on my mind :)

 I can't believe how much has happened in 7 years!!! Hopefully, I won't have any exciting pictures to share with you of Hurricane Issac. I'm not expecting it to be a huge deal, but I do think our electricity might be out for a while :( ugh!!!

I am happy to have a couple days with no school, football or baseball to try to get things caught up!!  I just made a big batch of chocolate chip cookies, so we're ready for the storm!!


Kate said...

Jennifer...take care. It is a little weird that Isaac is happening around the Katrina anniversary. My house burned when I was just 7...and we still mark it every year on 7/11...even if we don't think about it leading up to that date...it still has a way of popping up. We are praying for your safety...

Paige said...

wow I had NO idea your fire was that bad, as they are all bad!! Did Katrina have anything to do with your fire?? I can't wait to see the girls pics of the first day of school!!

snekcip said...

I have to say 2005 was a very difficult year for me as well. I lost my mother in March, still battling w/the lost of my mother, I watched in horror as I saw people dying before my eyes in the rushing water and feeling totally helpless and wondering "what I would do if I faced that type of natural disaster. Little did I know, the answer would come a meer month later. In Mid-September of that SAME YEAR, our area of TEXAS was hit hard by HURRICANE RITA. The aftermath left us w/a huge oak tree right down the middle of our home and us with nothing but the literally "the clothes on our back" and the things we were able to leave with. I still say HURRICANE KATRINA was a pre-cursor to many of us Southeast Texans who literally scoffed at the idea of a hurricane. We were "the lucky ones" who always was spared from natural disasters. Well, Rita proved us wrong. We stayed in the LaQuinta (the only hotel within a 300mile radius) for 3months. I thank God we were spared our lives and escaped "sudden death" because that tree that fell thru our home was MASSIVE! My brother also lost his home in the storm. Dealing w/FEMA was a total nightmare and I can't bare to look at the HUGE box of paperwork we had to deal with during the process. It literally propels me back to that time. I Thank God for carrying us thus far and as always, he gave us a RAINBOW with the sweetest pot of gold on the end just 2years later. What we lost was purely material, but in that we lost our "stability" but we held fast to GOD'S UNCHANGING HAND. As I pray for the many that DID loose their lives, I also PRAISE GOD for rebuilding each of our lives to the point of that I simply sit in AWE OF HIS GOODNESS. Granted my home is no longer and we know reside in a townhome, but I realize that HOME IS WHERE YOU MAKE IT and I know without a doubt my heart is indeed anchored in the Lord, there is NO STORM that can destroy that.

Well now to the sunnier side of my comment...The girls looks absolutely adorable as always!! I can't wait to see how their year unfolds!! Happy school year to all of the "D" troop!!

Okay how awesome is this...part of MY CODE to post this comment was 504 which is the AREA CODE for NEW ORLEANS!! Okay...I got chillbumps

Anonymous said...

I am sorry for your losses and those of the other women who posted above. You all have done so well to move on after such tragedy.

I love the picture of your little boys. I see that Cade had at a big personality even at age four! The girls are darling with their new teacher. Do they think it's fun that she was Cade's teacher, too?

(My nephew is in seventh grade and has a teacher that both my brother and I had years ago. He asked her if we had been good students and she told him we were WONDERFUL students. So funny.)

Lindy D.

Stacy said...

Ooooo.....the cookies and hunkering down for the storm sounds cozy! Just like a snowstorm for us!!
Makes me sick about the house fire. So sad.
Love you all!
Praying you don't blow away!!!
: )

Keisha said...

I love these old pictures! not the house fire.. that was terrible! Hope you guys are staying safe from the storm! Been thinking about yall & praying! ;0)

Kat Shank said...

I know you'd mentioned the fire a few times before but... wow. Just... wow. :( Y'all definitely found an inner strength to get through that and be where you are today! The worst we've dealt with stormwise was Tropical Storm Allison in Houston and getting 'stuck' over us... I watched that water rise in the bayou, and then start rising in the parking lot around and then over my car with it's dead battery. It was the most helpless feeling, but thankfully we lived in a second floor apartment and the car is all we lost. So much damage and destruction just in our complex, not to mention the whole city!

All my best wishes to y'all and anyone else that might be getting affected with this storm, you won't get me to live down there again (I'm sticking with Chattanooga!)... this former NYer is still very freaked out over tornadoes and hurricanes and I've been down south for 11 years now!

(Oh, and very much looking forward to more blogging and pictures! Definitely hear you on the busy, though, and family always comes first!)

DiJo said...

All your loss seven years ago makes me so sad.... So thankful none of you were hurt in the fire.... Praying your power comes on soon!!!!!


Leggio said...

Oh Jen, I am so sorry for all of your losses. Praise God you all were safe and not harmed in the fire. How are yall doing???? Did you get any damage from this Hurricane???? I pray not. We are in our rent house FINALLY. We moved ourselves. I think we may have to use movers next time. LOL

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