Saturday, August 11, 2012

That Didn't Take Long...

So...Bryce has had his license since Tuesday, and driven to school two days.  In that amount of time, we've already dealt with some attitude that is not quite like him.  That little piece of plastic left him feeling quite entitled, so we've had to work on that.

Miraculously, after school yesterday, he was the most pleasant person.  I was so happy to see that my rational boy had returned.  Shortly after he got home, I understood why:

August 2012-8850

While picking up a friend in the neighborhood for school, Bryce backed into the mailbox across the street!!! He didn't realize he had caused damage to his truck until he got out of school. He now has to pay to get the light repaired and also has to talk to the owner of the mailbox.  I think it's such a God thing! Something to knock him off his high horse and remind him that he hasn't really arrived.

 His truck is hard to back up in. I actually crunched a parked car a couple of years ago in it :( It just takes some getting used to. I am thankful that God chose to teach some valuable lessons in a harmless way!

 We were all able to laugh about it. We don't really get worked up about little things about that. If his attitude had not been apologetic and humble, it would have been a different story.

 I can tell you one thing though....he will NEVER live it down!!!!  Some of my funniest stories growing up are car stories of me and my brothers.  I still laugh out loud thinking of them.  This is why my kiddos will never drive brand new cars!  This story would not have been funny if his car was brand new.


Martha @ Berrybliz said...

My oldest has one of those not gonna leave it down stories. He had backed out the garage out back and I wondered why he was taking so long to come in, then I got a phone call on my cell, almost in tears he was afraid to tell his dad that he had backed into a tree by the garage. SO he called me, and I had to be the go his dad was gonna blow up or something. (never has) But anyway, he was quite crushed that he had dented his dad's 18 year old truck, the one with the duck tape in the back window)!!! He kept saying to us (that tree just lurched out in front of me)...see why he won't live that one down? LOL

Allie said...

Oh Bryce. I have a feeling that will be me in a few months. Haha :)
I see a reflection of two monkeys/princesses/tornados in the car. Haha they really do follow each other around don't they? :)
Hope y'all are having a great school year (still summer over here :) I'm liking the longer time)

3 Peanuts said...

Well, it is good to get it out of the way cause it happens to everyone. And I am with is a little thing but probably just what he needed to set him straight. And also why Will is getting Dave's old suv too. This is how they learn, right? i just posted about how we learn more from our mistakes than our successes.

Kate said...

Oh my glad it was a harmless little kick in the behind...and that he wasn't hurt (and hopefully the mailbox faired okay too!! :-)). I am horrified right now just thinking of Lia or Jillian driving...I guess you get ready for that a bit at a time! I think you are handling it all splendidly...loved the first day of school photos you scored in the driveway...THOSE are priceless too!!!

Paige said...

Ha! Just love how God works!! Our big kiddos always had the old ugly cars, I felt they were lucky to have one at all:)

Kim said...

The little things mean the big things.. .LOVE IT.. I have had this with my kids before..
Have a great weekend..

Leggio said...

I have done that. I was the most horrible driver when I got my license. My friends hated riding with me. LOL

elisa said...

This made me laugh- I have a 15 year old so I know we will be going through this soon. Funny how nice they get....glad you found humor in it- life is too short to get upset about little stuff.

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