Thursday, May 10, 2012

Time Goes Too Fast

Bryce is finishing his sophomore year right now.  His 16th birthday is in August and he will officially be a driver...Yikes!  If I'm honest, Bryce is probably the child who gets the shaft most often.  His primary activities are band and Sea Cadets.  I love watching him, but have not been involved at all.  (Granted, we got home from China with Gracie right as football season started, so I do give myself some grace for that one.)  This is about to change, though!

I attended Bryce's end of the year band banquet Monday.  He plays the French horn, and there are 6 total French horns.  Two of them are graduating this year and Bryce is so sad about it.  David and Alicia date and have been great friends to Bryce.  He is going to miss them so much!  I have been super sad about them leaving too.  I was in such a tissy trying to get to the banquet (actually had to bring the girls to swim lessons in formal wear!) that I forgot my camera!!  For this mom, that is the cardinal sin!  I am still so disappointed about it.  Thankfully, Alicia's mom sent me these pics :)  Alicia has been the "mom" of the group.  I'm not quite sure these boys are going to survive without her!!!




This one makes me tear up just looking at it.

This night made me realize that I'm going to wake up tomorrow and it's going to be Bryce graduating!  I am making a commitment to be more present in Bryce's activities and really enjoy these last 2 years of high school with him.  I have already talked to a few babysitters about helping with the girls, and I intend to use them.  They would much rather be at home playing with a new "friend" than being drug from event to event with me.  And I will be a much happier mom if I know I've been able to focus on each child a little more instead of spreading myself so thin.  Some of you might disagree with that.  That's ok, but for my family, I need these boys to know that I was truly interested in their lives, even after the girls got home.  They have happily sacrificed alot for us to go to China twice.  I never want them to feel second best.

So here's to Bryce's blur of a sophomore year...and here's to his junior year that his mom didn't miss!!  :)


3 Peanuts said...

Bryce looks so handsome!!! And I TOTALLY agree with your decision/realization.(not that it matters at all---we all know what is best for our families). But, I see the same thing with Will. I spend more time with Harry and Kate now. I have been trying so hard to make an effort to connect one on one with him as well as I realize my time is so limited. Last night I just asked him to come sit on the front porch with me and hang out....just him and I. He told me more than he has told me in months!!!! I just need to make more time for him.

He is taking driver's ed this summer so we are right behind ya. I know in the blink of an eye, they will be headed to college (and Kate and your littles will still be here:)

I saw a call from you (while I was outside with Will yesterday afternoon but it might have been a pocket call judging from the message---just noise)

Kelly said...

Girl, we would so be friends in real life! I could have written this. I have been to ONE track meet of Andrew's this year:( My heart just sinks. I love your commitment you have made to him next year. I have told myself the same thing. Andrew is a year behind Bryce. I am afraid of blinking and having the whole thing pass me by... sigh. Maybe he will live in my basement when he is done with school. (Ok... lets not go that far!)

The Waite Family said...

I totally agree!!!! With 4 children and one on the way I can totally relate. We will have 3 litte ones (3 and under) and two older, 13 and 10....I find myself feeling the same way. I don't want the little ones to overshadow the older ones. They all need our individual attention sometimes. I feel it is VERY important!!!

Leggio said...

I think it is Awesome that you are making it a prioty to make all your kids feel loved and part of your family. It is a tall job. Kuddos to you!!!!!! It is hard to divide time between kiddos........I haven't got to read bedtime stories to Corbin since we got home from China. :( That was something he really enjoyed at night. Trying to figure out our schedule.

Lori said...


Enjoy every single moment you have with him these next 2 years! They will be here and gone before you know it. You will make so many GREAT memories with him these 2 years!

Our older 2 are all grown up. Our daughter will be married in 2013...I'm very happy for her! I miss our days together now that we live in different states.

Enjoy and can't wait to see all those pictures!

Lindy D. said...

Great idea to make use of more babysitters for Wesleigh and Gracie. Maybe the sitters can also work on matching the socks!

Jennifer O'Cain said...

My oldest has three years left. I couldn't agree with you more!! There is nothing wrong with spending special time with each child.

DiJo said...

You know more than anyone what each of your children need... And, you are doing an awesome job (no matter how you feel some days) with being the Mom to 5! Bryce, Braeden, Cade, GJ, and TeaCup are blessed to have a Mom that knows when it's time to wave the white flag and ask for a little help so everyone can have a little more of you!!!! I will be praying you have a fabulous summer with your crazy crew, and that you get to enjoy the big and the little things with your babies! I will be here cheering you on and reminding you to bring your camera!!!! :)

Love ya,

deborah said...

I agree with you on all accounts. Be there, be happy, be free of the littles for a little'll for sure be happier, and, they'll be happier, too. :)

Keisha said...

Jennifer! So proud for you girl! Sometimes we just get so busy! My oldest is now a middle schooler! **gasp** Time just flies by!

Lauren McGowan said...

A lesson for ALL of us! I'm sad that Sophie may be far away for her last two years, but I am committed to making that drive as often as possible. I may be tired, but oh well....I can rest later. That last photo made me ball my eyes out....that hit home!

Julie said...

I think it's awesome!!! My kids are spread far apart as well. My youngest started Kindy the day my oldest started his Freshman year in college!! They are now 21, 15, and 8, and I wish I would have plugged in more when my oldest was that age!

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