Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Big Girl

Things are nuts here! Everyone has a million things going on for the end of the year. Bryce had his band concert last night, Cade has a track meet today, Braden has a play coming up, Richard, my dad and the girls have a tough rehearsal schedule for the recital "daddy dance" (more on that later...it deserves its own post!), dance pics, recital, awards, conferences, etc, etc, etc... I am exhausted! I have tons I want to blog, but no time. Even now, there are dishes in the sink, clothes that need to be washed, blah, blah, blah.... So, I'm going to just turn my computer away from all of that and tell you about my big girl :) April 2012-7265cwf

 Boy has she come a long way in a few short months! It was only 8 months ago that we rocked her world bringing home a sister. She was not happy with me at all for a little while, but we got through that and now she constantly tells Gracie "you my bess frwend". Melt a mama's heart, why don't you! When the girls started school in Sept, Wesleigh was very shy and quiet. Her speech wasn't the greatest and she seemed very much a "baby" still. Can I just say, this chick is a baby no more! In the past couple of months, her speech has exploded. Her articulation has improved 100%. She still has cute ways of saying some sounds (which I love), but she is easily understood. The amount she is talking has exploded also. She tells us all kinds of things, and she talks to everyone. Anyone who walks past her, gets a wave and a big, "Hello!".  CUTE!

She is my love and such a blessing to us :)

  April 2012-7271cwf


Martha @ Berrybliz said...

I love how you say she waves and says hello to everyone. My daughter does too, she blows kisses and speaks to everyone...melting hearts along the way. My oldest boy learned in his Psychology class that Chinese kids are never shy...I believe it. Sounds like your girl works the crowd too. Don't ya love to see them blossom?

Paige said...

Love that girl!!!!

3 Peanuts said...

Awww...what a beautiful post about sweet W!!! That is great news about her speech and about how she and Gracie are best friends.

I can totally relate to the busy schedule. I am so overbooked, I have 2-3 things everyday this month it seems for the kids and doctor appts for me too. Will and H are both "graduating" so there is so much end of the year stuff for them. I am exhausted already. And then I have no desire to post about it all because I am so darned tired.

Leggio said...

She is just so so beautiful!!!!!!!! They grow up way to fast. Happy end of The School Year!!!!! LOL

Cori said...

She just exudes the sweetest spirit!! Her pictures are a definite day brightner!!

Sharon Ankerich said...

Such a precious baby!!! Thankful she is doing so well~ I totally get the speaking thing... I LOVE SJ's way with words too~ Preciousness!!! Blessings and love! XO

DiJo said...

TeaCup.... You ROCK!!!!! I love watching you blossom! These pics your Mom took are Keepers. I love them!
And, you too!

Miss Di

Lauren McG said...

Amazing what LOVE can do!

Lori said...

She's so stinkin CUTE!!! Great pics of her!!!

Kati had speech issues as well and has had speech at her school the last 2 years. Amazing what a difference little times makes!!


Lindy D. said...

So glad that her speech has improved, just like you said it would. I love reading that Gracie is her BFF... so sweet!

Jennifer said...

What a love bug! It's so amazing how far she's come and how much she's grown recently. she looks like such a big girl these days. I LOVE her hair!..precious!!

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