Friday, April 27, 2012

What's a Sister to Do??

Weekends around here are, more times than not, spent at the ballpark.  I think the weekend after Wesleigh came home, she was out at the ballpark, so this is nothing new to her.  Gracie started her days at the football field, and if I didn't know any better, I would swear she spent her time watching ESPN with her foster dad.  She actually loves to watch the game (well...for as long as Gracie ever sits still to do anything :) and cheers when the ball is hit.

They are so good out there!  We have toys that they can only play with at the ballpark so they are always excited to start pulling from their bag.  I pack everything but the kitchen sink and a potty.  In fact, I use the stroller to haul it all in...not for a child!  Here's a peek at the life of a tournament ball sister:

April 2012-7084cwf

So funny!
April 2012-7090cwf

April 2012-7116cwf

April 2012-7118cwf

Braden was a spectator with us this weekend.
April 2012-7124cwf

Color wonder markers are my best friend!
April 2012-7129cwf

I use this stroller to carry all the "stuff" into the ballpark.  It was so bright though that it offered some good shade for their movies.  Gracie is inside watching a DVD and Wesleigh is on my Kindle.
April 2012-7165cwf

Yes! She will be in gymnastics in the fall!!
  April 2012-7167cwf

 Yay for a sister who showed up and let the girls decorate her with stickers! April 2012-7198cwf

April 2012-7204cwf

I just thought this was funny.  They look like birds on a wire :)
April 2012-7244cwf

Only problem with the adorable sister is that she's in the 7th grade like my girl-crazy Braden :) Our little corner became the 7th grade hangout. April 2012-7247cwf


Lindy D. said...

Cute picture of the girls with Braden!

The Gutmans' said...

Precious as always!!! We love when our older children's friends entertain our two little's at sporting events, of course the little's think it's pretty cool too! :)

Looks like your weather is such much nicer than the Kentucky weather we've been having as of late.

DiJo said...

Cracking up at the upside down sunglasses!!! That is the way Emme Jade wears them!!!! By far the cutest spectators EVER!!! Your boys are smart!! Those sisters of their's are definitely going to get them some dates!!!

Have a great Saturday! Off to dance, volleyball and gymnastics with R!


quilt'n-mama said...

Looks like they are enjoying baseball season! I wish my boys looked this happy when sitting in the stands at gymnastics meets:)
The girls are headed to State next week! Then we have a break for a few months before we head back to meets and they are both going to be able to move up to the next level:)

Jennifer said...

Seeing them having so much fun together makes me want a sister for Molly!!! Since Jon says Molly is the Coco caboose, that's no bueno!:) They are just so stinkin cute!!

Lauren McGowan said...

As refreshing as it gets...Thanks, Jenn for such a joyful post!

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