Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Sweet New Friend

I LOVE meeting new bloggy friends in person!  If you had told me years ago that some of my closest friends would be met on the internet, I would have laughed out loud!  This week, I got to meet yet another blogger friend.  Amber and her family are waiting on their TA and will be in China soon to pick up their adorable Mia!  They have 3 adorable boys, which means we have an immediate bond :)  You can follow their journey HERE.  Her family was so sweet to stop by for a visit on their way home from vacation.  They brought the girls gifts from Disney and the boys even gave them their special Mickey balloons before they left.  Those balloons are still floating around the house, being played with!  Thanks for the visit Amber and Joe!!!  Can't wait to see you with that precious baby girl!!

Feb 2012-4654

Joe was the instigator of this one...what can I say? We both have lots of boys around :) Feb 2012-4655

I just love that these husbands will humor us as we meet new bloggy friends across the country! I remember the first time I had Richard take us to meet a new family...SO funny, but so amazing!! This adoption communtity is such a blessing.  I don't think there is anyone else around who understands the emotional highs and lows you go through on an adoption journey.  It's always more fun to share all of that with friends!

***  If you wanted Connie's email address and have not gotten it from me, just leave me a comment.  I think I got them all answered, but might have missed some.  This is not the woman who paints the bows.  I was asked that question.


Paige said...

Just love this bloggy world of friends!!! Hoping our girls get to meet again after we are home!

Jennifer said...

So cool that y'all got to meet! It amazes me how everybody knows everybody in bloggy world! I think we should all meet up at some point and meet in person..that'd be so much fun!
Oh and I'd like the lady's email who makes the bows. You know I need another big bow...haha:)
LOve ya!

Lee and Sarah VanGrunsven said...

It is amazing the support we find on the Blog community! One lady in particular was such a key in helping me overcome my fears when we accepted our daughters file(she has severe heart disease). I couldn't have imagined anyone knowing anything more perfect to say to help us during that time.
Not only that, but I have to admit to loving checking blogs for the ADORABLE FASHIONS the kids wear:-)
BTW: I love the last picture:-)!!

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