Monday, February 20, 2012

It's Mardi Gras Time!

Around here, that's just another excuse for a big party.  You wouldn't catch us anywhere close to New Orleans right now!  Sweet, innocent Lily and Rita are in New Orleans now with some friends.  Lordy, I am sure they are seeing things that will blow their minds!  I gave them strict instructions that their shirts were to stay down at all times!  Their eyes got so big when I said it and they just giggled...just wait!  I told them to send me pics and to make it back alive :)  I gave them their first tiny glimpse of a Mardi Gras parade last weekend at our local parade.  Bryce's band was marching so the girls and I brought Lily and Rita.  They were so cute and loved catching the beads.

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The kids are out of school this week, so Friday was the pre-school parade. Oh my was it cute!! I remember doing this with the boys. They all love it! All dressed up for the parade. Feb 2012-4779sugar sweet color Feb 2012-4791sweetness

Bryce and Cade only had a half day of school, so I let them skip and come with us. Feb 2012-4797
I'll bet he was the only high school boy wearing a feather boa!! (well, I hope he was!!  ) Feb 2012-4799

Catching goodies that other classes are throwing. Feb 2012-4806 Feb 2012-4825

...and taking a turn throwing. Cade and Bryce were recruited to pull wagons :) Feb 2012-4814

That's as Mardi Gras as it gets at our house.  I had 4 extra boys spend the night last night and will have 3 extra tonight.  These breaks wear me out!!


3 Peanuts said...

So adorable!!!! I love the lil PK parade. That is my speed;)

We are trying to decide where to go eat tomorrow for FAT Tuesday!!!! We love our crawfish and our Cajun food!

Serving the King said...

In my quest to become more like Jennifer everyday :) I looked to see if our university has a hosting international type program thingy bobber but alas....notsomuch. Boo. Well, at least we will still have Sea Cadets. :)

Anonymous said...

So precious! Thanks for sharing these cute photos!

Sharon Ankerich said...

SO darling!!! XO The girls are so precious together and LOVE that the boys were there too!

Shelley said...

So cute, I loved when my older boys had the little school parade. Happy Mardi Gras from Mandeville!

Football and Fried Rice said...

Yep, the PK parade would be my speed too :) Mardi GRAS makes me feel old!! I love all the girls' beads and I certainly
I've your advice to the "big" girls wh were heading to New Oreleans!

Shannon said...

Gracie looks like she enjoyed her first Mardi Gras celebration. Eat some King Cake for me and enjoy your day with all your kids and the extra kiddos too.

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