Monday, July 4, 2011

Site For Sore Eyes...

Richard and I drove to Fort Benning, GA Friday to attend Bryce's graduation from Recruit Training Saturday. The plan was that we would spend a few hours with him and then deliver him back for the advanced training (another 10 days). We couldn't have any 2-way communication, but I received a letter Friday that made it clear...he didn't want to stay for the extra 10 days. Fine by me! When we saw him Saturday, he was in much better spirits. The letter had been written on a very bad day, and he was actually considering staying. In the end, we brought him back with us! Which made this mama very happy!! I have decided that I am NOT ready for him to graduate and go off to college. We missed him so much around here while he was gone!!

They are so handsome in their uniforms!!
RTGA (2 of 17)musette

This cadet is from Bryce's division. He won a special award. I just LOVE how this photo and the next one came out.
RTGA (6 of 17)swoon

RTGA (11 of 17ps) my hands on my boy!!
RTGA (13 of 17)

RTGA (12 of 17)

The 3 cadets from our division.
RTGA (16 of 17)

Bryce's bunk. He loved the locker so much, he wants one for his room :)
RTGA (17 of 17)

Happy 4th of July!!!!
We are headed downtown this year...we'll see how that goes! I can tell you that Wesleigh has the cutest dress for today!!!


3 Peanuts said...

I am glad you have your boy home:) He looks so handsome and grown up in uniform:)

Football and Fried Rice said...

Pretty sure PB Teen has those lockers :) You could sure make his day with one (and bonus, he could take it to his dorm room!)

Glad he decided to come home with you!! LOVE the pictures you took of their graduation! So stately! I cant believe they have to grow up - were we warned about this?

have a greta time today - cant wait to see Wesleigh's dress :)

Linda said...

So proud of Bryce. I think he has stories to last all year - he must be proud to have made it through that! So very glad he's home!

DiJo said...

That photo with the low aperture where you focused on the cadet is really awesome!!!! Great job! So glad he is home!! I know you are happy to have him too!!!!

Hope TeaCup is stealing the show at the parade!

We are having GORGEOUS weather!!!


Jennifer said...

I'm sure you were so happy to get your baby back! That's a really long time to be gone!!
Hope y'all are having fun at the fireworks! Hopefully Wesleigh will like them better than Gage! He closed his ears the whole time!!

Sharon Ankerich said...

Yay~ I know you are glad to have him home~ LOVE your photos!!! He is SO handsome!!! Happy 4th!!!

Shannon said...

Bryce is so handsome! He'll be fighting the girls off with a stick before you know it!

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