Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wesleigh's Crib Bedding

I had full intention of putting up Wesleigh's spring and summer clothes from last summer today. I had even done all the posts, but got a text from a sweet "real life" friend that said she wanted to buy everything! This sweet friend has been waiting for her sweet Julianna for over a year! Julianna is in India and this friend has had her referral for a VERY long time. They are in a fight with India right now. I can't even imagine. She wanted to bless me and be a part of bringing Gracie home. How awesome is that?!?

I did want to sell Wesleigh's crib bedding, though. Since she is officially in the "big girl bed", I would like to pass on the bedding. This set is from Restoration Hardware. I have 4 pieces: crib sheet, dust ruffle, quilt and blanket.

The blanket and quilt have never been used, so they are in like-new condition. The sheet has been used for a year, but has no stains are marks on it. It's just softened up good :) The dust ruffle has some issues...

Since Wesleigh was already 2 when we came home, the crib mattress had to be at the lowest setting. This meant that the dust ruffle would drag on the floor. Instead of letting it fall too long, I folded it up to make it shorter. The problem is...the springs tore the fabric.

Go HERE to see what it looked like in her room.

Here are some closeups of it now:
This is the worst side. DSC_5482

The other "long" side is almost perfect.

Actually, one long side and one short side are messed up. The other sides are fine. And if you wanted to use it shorter, like I did, it's totally fine.

I hope I explained it well enough.

I paid about $350 for all 4 pieces. I was hoping to get $120 (including shipping) for it.

If you have any questions, please let me know. If you want it, just post "sold" with your email address.

Almost all the shoes have sold!! Thank you all!! I will start mailing tomorrow!!!

Please say a prayer for me...I am hoping to get some good news tomorrow!!!

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Football and Fried Rice said...

Praying for that good news too!!! It can happen!

LOVED Wesleigh's bedding!

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