Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gracie Update

I received a new update on Gracie this week! I am hoping this will be the last update we will get before we go to China...but I guess, it might not be. She is Miss Personality, as usual. These pics seem to be taken on 3 separate days. In 2 of the 3, I can see that she is wearing the pink pearl necklace I sent her. I can't believe it! I bought that thing at Tarjay for $1. I went back to see if they still had them, but didn't find any. I'm going to try to find some more before we travel. It's only a matter of time before it breaks.
N557-ZhangGuYu july1

This seems to be her signature pose.

These are the pj's I sent her. Not quite sure if they knew they were pj's or not :)


I love this because everyone else is looking where they're going. Not Gracie...she's posing for the camera :)

They took the Pearl River kiddos to Seaworld :) Looks like they all had a great time. (She has on the shorts of the pj's)

This is the first time I've seen her hair like this. I am anxious to see what her hair is going to look like when I get it out of the pony tails.

I just think she is the most beautiful child. She looks so much bigger and older than Wesleigh to me. I can't wait to see them side by side.

Her update this month had some very interresting information in it :) It stated that she likes boy toys. She plays with toy planes, cars and popguns!!! Seriously?!?!? If she had been my first girl, this would have been great news. I am very comfortable with "boy toys". However....I am thinking my girly girl here at home will not be very pleased with a sister who would rather shoot her with a gun than have tea!!! Hopefully, those are just the toys she has to play with and she will love a tea party as much as Miss Wesleigh. I am thinking...anyone who wears a pink pearl necklace all the time, can't be that much of a tomboy :)

So....where are we in this waiting game? My article 5 has just been delivered to the CCAA. The next step is our travel approval. Some of these approvals have been coming very fast (2 weeks). However, we could end up waiting much longer. I have no control over when it comes. We are prepared to turn around and travel pretty quick, if we can work out the details...we'll see. I am still hoping to be in China in August.

I also wanted to share how I get these updates. Gracie has been sponsored in the Pearl River Outreach program. One of the things this program does is send monthly updates to the families who sponsor the children. I am blessed to get monthly updates because of it! The birthday parties and trips they are able to take are because of a very generous donor to Pearl River. What a blessing!


Football and Fried Rice said...

I think you are right - any girl that sits to have her hair braided (with many accessories, I might add) and who insists on wearing her pink pearl necklace AND who poses like a Diva???? - is NOT that much of a tomboy!! I am sure she will be just the right mix of "digging in the dirt with a dress on"!!

And you are RIGHT, she is a gorgeous child!!! Does she have a mole on her right cheek? Her side profile is stunning and I love her new little bangs!

Hilarious that she is wearing pajamas to Sea World :) And nothing quite beats a picture of your daughter wearing a shirt that says, "Mommy loves me a bunch" cant wait to see her in your arms in AUGUST! Believing God that it will happen!

Courtisme said...

We got our TA on a Monday and left for China the Friday of that same week because Great Wall had a travel group all ready scheduled to go. Great Wall is amazing. It can happen pretty fast, so get ready now! Gracie IS beautiful, you are not biased!

Jennifer said...

That is hilarious! I think once Wesleigh shows her how a real tea party is done, she'll be all over it! She looks so happy and easy going! I'm sure she'll just go with the flow..:)
I can't believe how close y'all are!! So exciting!!

Pink Velvet Mommy said...

Maybe they mostly have boy toys to play with....I bet W will show it how it is done and they will be throwing tea parties left and right.

She does look so much older than Wesleigh.

I love that she is wearing her pj's, you know they don't care if the boys are wearing pink, and jammies are the "fancy" clothes. But at least she is girl after my own heart; pearls make every outfit look better:)

Here's hoping you get your TA soon!!

carolinagirl said...

She is the cutest little thing ever. I know you cannot wait to get your hands on her. Praying for you to get travel news soon!

Deanna said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE them!! She is precious, I can't wait to hear the stories of Gracie and Wesleigh together! I don't think it will take much for Wesleigh to show her "the ropes" and even if she prefers boy toys, you've got that covered too!

snekcip said...

I had to laugh because that Gracie has a personality!!! I agree, it may be there are mainly "boy toys" she has access to! I think this is an "undercover Diva"! Betting my bottom dollar on it!! LOL!!! Bring on the teaparties!!!

Sharon said...

She looks like she is going to be so much fun! She is beautiful. I hope you get TA very soon. I can't wait to see you guys bring her home.

3 Peanuts said...

Oh my goodness she is just the cutest lil pumpkin. I LOVE her big bright smile. That is awesome that she has your necklace on:) Praying for the quickest TA EVER!!!!


Our Journey to Grace and Olivia said...

She is gorgeous! How blessed you are to receive these updates. How old is Gracie?

Sharon Ankerich said...

OH what a doll! Yes, she is gorgeous and so much personality!!! I love that she is wearing the pjs out and about~ adorable!!! About the boy toy thing, EK is just a girly as SJ (always wants a bow and a dress) but loves to play with boy toys. She is SO excited that we will be getting some boy toys for Will. LOL Can't wait to follow you in AUGUST!!! Yay! God has it all figured out!!!
Blessings and XO!

Paige said...

she is beautiful and so full of life!! That is "my Lili" in the yellow with her in 2 pics:) I got my pics last night as well:)

Martha said...

My Jolie has those same pjs! My girl has become quite the girly girl in just a few months...I am sure Gracie will too!

Ani said...

She is beautiful!!!!! And love that triumphant pose - that little miss certainly has a spunk :)

Linda said...

Gracie Joy just sparkles! Can't wait to be her MawMaw!

elliotts said...

Hopefully we will be right behind you in September. Our I-800 Pre-approval arrived on Monday and we expect our NVC letter next week! We are rolling along too!!

Could you FB message me your typical travel expenses you had when you brought home Wesleigh. We are trying to get ready!


KandK said...

She is just soooooo precious!!! LOVE that beautiful smile:)

Hoping you receive your TA soon!!


Stacy said...

Gosh, she's so cute.
How wonderful to get monthly photos of your girl.
Is that her foster mama with her?
I'm so excited to hear when you will leave!!
Call me!

Marcy said...

Jennifer, your comment "I am thinking my girly girl here at home will not be very pleased with a sister who would rather shoot her with a gun than have tea!!! " made me LAUGH OUT LOUD!!! I LOVE it!! LOL! I was so excited to see news about Gracie. Can't wait to hear more. She is BEAUTIFUL! She has a smile in EVERY single picture. She looks like such a happy little girl.


Rebekah said...

Gracie's smile is just beautiful! You can't help but smile when you see her pictures!!!
Hope we both hear something soon about our TA's!

Shannon said...

Gracie is so beautiful and her personality pops right off the page!! She doesn't strike me as a tomboy from her pics so I don't think you have anything to worry about. Miss W is going to teach her all she needs to know about being a southern belle. :) Praying for a quick TA!

Christina said...

You're right- she IS the most beautiful girl! Sam and Gracie are in such a great place, aren't they? We leave in 6 days. I just know your TA will come soon- they are shooting them out so quickly now! :)

DiJo said...

Well Friend!
You know I am praying for a miracle TA too!!!! I need to meet Gracie Joy!!!! I will be beside myself if I miss you two girls by days.... I too like Sarah, am trusting that God has the details all planned.. And, that I should just trust in that!!!!

She is so BEAUTIFUL!!!! And, so amazingly perfect for you!


The Gutmans' said...

She is so adorable. Praying for a fast ta. Both my girls love dirt, worms and boy stuff, but they also love their American girl dolls, dress up, clothes etc. Sounds like she'll fit right in with your boys & your little Wesleigh.

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