Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Lately, I have been in no mood to blog. We were at the beach for a week with Braden's ball team. The first half was alot of fun...but then came the rain! :( They couldn't even finish the ball tournament, so that was a bummer. I did have to post this picture though, because it makes me laugh every time I see it. Cade was dancing back and forth on this divider wall for quite a while. There was a group that had some awesome music blaring, and he was taking full advantage :) You will never be bored, as long as Cade's around.

I got word this weekend that my paperwork was delayed (without any good reason) for a week. We are in the last stage before we can plan our trip, and this extra week has just about put me over the edge! We are trying to travel on Aug 5, so we are really cutting it close now!! Please pray that our TA would come in record time...and definitely before the Aug. 1 cutoff for the new requirements.

Adding to this frustration is the fact that Wesleigh's crib is down. It is not going so well!! She has been waking up throughout the night and wants me to lay down with her. UGH...I am so tired, and hoping we will turn the corner soon. My boys always transitioned really easily, so I'm kind of at a loss.

I am trying to get everyone ready for school...yes...already!! Cade and Bryce start on 8/5! Braden is a week later, but honestly, I'm hoping to be in China!! Since I am in limbo waiting for our TA, I'm trying to get some of the things done that I can.

OK...enough whining! I will be sure to report the good news when our prayers are answered!


snekcip said...

Wow, you do have a "lot on your plate'! Hoping that Wesleigh transition get smoother and the TA gets her sooner!! Here I was whining about the Aug 22 1st day of school here! Wow, your boys will be back in a couple of weeks.

Paige said...

Was just thinking about you today, wondering if you had gotten your TA yet, HOPING you get to go the same time Diana is:) I'll be praying for you all to get it!!! We are STILL waiting on our I800 appoval Uuggggggg!!

Sharon said...

Cade is so cute in that photo! I am praying that your TA comes quickly. I know you are more than ready! Unfortunately, I don't have any ideas to give you on how to help Wesleigh transition. Does her new bed have a rail on it? It's been 13 years since I had any little ones, but I thought at one time you could purchase something to place on the side of the bed to prevent them from falling out.

Pink Velvet Mommy said...

love the pic!!

I log on everyday hoping to see on my sidebar that you have received your feels like forever and it's not even me waiting to go. So girl I totally feel for you. Here's hoping it arrives any day now!! Fingers and all crossables crossed.

The bed transition I am dreading. H will be 3 in Sept and everyone has asked me if I have moved her yet....frankly she hasn't tried climbing out(who knows why) and she seems perfectly happy in there and she still fits....and once she is out of that bed, besides her gate(yes I have a gate at her door) there is nothing to contain her. She already is in her closet all the time putting on about 10 outfits a day and even more shoes....I can only imagine what she would be doing in the middle of the night:( Here's hoping it gets better.

Jennifer said...

Wow! You've been busy! I'll be praying for a quick TA arrival! I know y'all are so anxious!
Cade seems like the entertainer of the it! Everybody's gotta have one..:)

Martha said...

Praying you get your TA in record time..GOD is an on time GOD...He's got you covered....I can't believe school is starting in just a few days either...and we homeschool...but we stick to the county calendar for the most part...I miss the days of starting school after labor day...LOL

Shannon said...

He made blind eyes to see, turned water into wine and most importantly rose from the dead...he can make TAs arrive in record time. I am believing for your miracle!!

Football and Fried Rice said...

Oh, I am so sorry about Wesleigh Jane not doing so well with her transition! Praying that gets better!

I am still believing God for a SPEEDY TA! It CAN happen!!! You CAN still leave on August 5th!


Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

Hoping your TA comes soon and you can leave on time before the deadline.

I just love that picture of your son, it just cracks me up! That would be my 12 year old, he is always being a goof.

As far as the bed thing for Miss W, do you have a big bed rail up on her bed? Just a thought, I wonder if it would make it feel more like her crib but bigger? You don't want to hear how long it took Ava to transition but we did not have a choice because she was jumping out of her crib and hurt herself one evening. My hubby volunteered and had to stay with her until she fell asleep every night for a YEAR!!! We tried to let her fuss but she was terrified and would get herself so worked up she would puke! Hopefully for Miss W, it will be better when her sister is in there and she will not feel alone. I pray!!

Sharon Ankerich said...

I have been praying for your TA to come!!! Hoping they will speed your paperwork through and get you to China!!! And sorry about the bed transition... if I can encourage you, EK did not transition well at all either.I did have to go to her every single night to help her feel secure. I know how tired you must feel~ been there. Many a night I just cried thinking it would never end but couldn't help but think what a gift I had to be able to have that precious child needing me. I will be praying for you about being tired and for W to sleep soundly!!! Blessings sweet friend!!!

Chasing Dreams Photography said...

Praying your TA comes soon...I know how stressful this time is waiting for it : ( hang in there.
That first picture is absolutely priceless..being a Mommy to 4 boys I just love it!!! LOL thanks for the giggle.
My transitioned well in to their beds..Livi took a bit more time. Not sure why really but she did. Addison was easy like the boys.
{{{{hug}}}} here's hoping for TA today!!!

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