Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Not Seepin'!

For a while now (even in the crib), Wesleigh has not been taking great naps. And when she does, it takes forever to get her to sleep at night. It wasn't so bad when she was in her crib and I just laid her down. Now that I'm having to lay down with her...not so good.
Here are my choices:
1. Put her down for a nap (I'd have to lay down with her to get her to sleep), enjoy the peace and quiet for a while, then lay down with her from 9:00-11:00 waiting for her to go to sleep.
2. Don't put her down for a nap. Deal with any crabby outbursts (not very many). Lay down with her from 9:00-9:10 while she crashes.

It's a no-brainer!! I do miss nap time, but I have to say...I love not being tied to that nap. If I'm not home at 1:00, no problem!

Monday, when she had such a hard day at the doctors, she fell asleep on the couch at about 5:30. She has never done this! I took this picture with my iphone because I wanted to send it to Richard.

I just couldn't bear to wake her up after such a rough day, but I definitely paid the price later. She could not fall asleep!! UGH!!

So, yesterday at 5:30 or so, while I was cooking dinner, I notice her getting cozy on the sofa. I called her name and when she answered, I told her she'd better not go to sleep. I did this a few times and each time, I know she was about to crash. I had to leave and pick up Bryce, so I left her with Braden. He said, he walked into the living room and saw her with her eyes closed on the couch. When he called her name, she jumped and said, "I not seepin'". I could just eat her!!

Cruel...maybe, but guess what? I laid down with her from 9:00-9:10 and got to have the rest of the night...and it's 8:46 and she's STILL sleeping!!! Whoo Hoo!!!

On a different subject...her measurements at the dr. show that she is exactly the same height as Gracie. (at least the measurements we have been given). Gracie still outweighs her by a few, but I think they're going to be very close in height. I can't wait to see them together!!


Sharon Ankerich said...

You are right~ it is a hard transition to no naps but makes bedtime so much easier! I do have mine rest on the sofa for about an hour and they watch two shows on PBS. Gives me a few minutes and they get tv for a little while. I can't wait to see your two together too and still praying for TA to come TODAY!!!!!

Mary said...

I remember the period of phasing out the naps! Brutal for everyone! Praying to see your TA news this week!!

snekcip said...

Too funny!! Don't you just love it!! Ms Wesleigh is quite the character. You are talking MY SUBJECT now!!! You are talking to a NAP addict here. I SO BELIEVE IN NAPS!!

My older kids still chide me, that they feel compelled to take a nap whenever they hear the theme song from YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS!! :) I just felt it was a must with 4 kids under the age of 8 (at the time) it was naps OR major meltdowns by 3pm. NOT PRETTY!!

Well, I have brought OLD nap rules to the NEW AGE kid.
Bree was pretty regular "napper" schedule, however, after starting daycare they would let them sleep as long as they wanted (sometimes past 3pm). It was just SO HARD to get her down at night time, that I joked that I would have to get one of those BLOW GUNS to take her down! She still had LOTS of energy pass 9:30 (even going past 11:30pm on most nights). It drove me NUTS!! The "long" nap only gave her more energy.

All that changed when I enrolled her in a daycamp for the summer. The director informed me during registration, that "no naps" would be given. Their day was FILLED w/lots of activites and "naps" was NOT one of them! I felt "defeated" as I longingly looked at my "new friend" ...the notorious plastic red/blue kindymat.

Little was I to know that "OH HAPPY DAY" was on the horizon!! After an "activity-filled" day of field trips, park excursions and other activities she was just exhausted by days end.

Well, test run the first day went well...almost. I got her all buckled in her carseat and she is asleep within 2blocks of home. *We live about 12mins from the camp*

I felt awful because I still hadn't bath her nor fed her for the night. I was feeding/bathing a limp noodle just about. NOT GOOD.

So the next day, I had a plan. Engage her in talk about her day and when I saw that "tell-tale" sign of sleepiness, I would call her name and her eyes would pop right open. Once home, I had already had a quick dinner already prepared to pop in the microwave(sometimes leftovers from the night before) and after agood bath and she is asleep MOST nights before 7:30. She barely makes it thru "bedtime stories"! It is a quiet evening for me and the hubby then.

Maybe with Wesleigh you could let her nap for about an hour and then awaken her. That way she is gotten a "little rest" to sustain her until bedtime. I found this works best for Bree on weekends. However, I have noticed that as they get older their sleep habits change and some kids just sustains without a nap at all. Bree is that child. I miss naptime, but I relish my ME TIME at night.

Pre-K for her begins in about 3weeks so we are back to daytime naps!! Aughhhhh!!!

Good luck with Wesleigh!!

snekcip said...

*Came back to add* Still praying for that TA!!!!

Football and Fried Rice said...

Oh my goodness! WJ is the cutest :-) I so remember that transition and I agree with you - it's worth having to keep a little watch on on them in the evening to make sure they don't fall asleep!

It WILL be preious to see your girls together!

Football and Fried Rice said...

And YES, still joining others in prayer today for your TA by Friday. I understand what this means and how desperately you want to get Gracie Joy! God can do it!!

Amy said...

We are going through the same thing at our house. My girly needs her nap or else . . . CRABBY! But then she lays in her bed awake until 10pm. We may transition to a "quiet time"

Praying for your TA.


Paige said...

She is so cute!! I think life is much easier without a nap, sometimes Madeline will go to bed at 8 :), but then she is up at 6:40 but it is stll worth it!

Martha said...

Come on TA!

Pink Velvet Mommy said...

all I can say is we are SO dealing with sleep issues right now. Hayden has always been a great sleeper(no not when she came home) but basically for 2 years she has been a great sleeper and great napper. Now?? NOT SO MUCH!! since returning from vacation she will refuses to sleep in her room....acts as though she is being tortured. Still napping most days....but the days we don't I so pay for it. But the problem is if I lay down with her in the guest room(still in her crib) I usually fall asleep and all I can say is there is already not enough hours in the day to compound it with going to bed between 8-9 pm.

The adoption specialist we have worked with insist we keep letting her sleep with us or sleep with her somewhere in the house, but the other part of me is thinking we are setting ourselves up for a really bad habit. I would be fine if it were not for the fact that she has been doing fine in her room for 2 years. Is this a development stage(what the adoption specialist says) has she just decided it is way more fun to sleep with mom and dad? All I know is I am exhausted and not sure what to think or what to do.

So Yay for W sleeping in her bed all night, boo for no naps...wait til she starts school(H is so tired even with the short nap she gets at school)

Can't wait to see those two girls together!!!


Serving the King said...

Ok first of all, PRECIOUS! Second of all, I with ya. No napea + early to bed = one happy momma!

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