Thursday, June 30, 2011


Well, I knew that Cade coming home was exactly what I needed to liven things up around here! Right after I saw the pictures of Bryce on the computer, I headed out to pick up Cade (about 10 minutes from my house). And...of course, what happens...I get in a wreck! Actually...I decided that the little car on the side of me wasn't big enough to be on the road with my big bus :) It was one of the few times that I was not on the phone, I did not have the tv on (in the back), or kids in the car asking me a million questions...I was blonde on my very own...nobody else to blame. Oh well, things like that don't really bother me too much. I was just upset that I couldn't pick up Cade. The other driver didn't so much share my laid-back approach. I soon won her over, though and she turned out to be very nice. What could she do...I appologized for being dumb...she had nothing left to say :)

Cade brought home a bag full of disgustingly dirty, stinky laundry...and a stomach virus! It had started going rampant through the camp and Cade woke up with it on Saturday. Four of our players ended up having the virus. This is what Cade looked like at noon on Saturday:


and this is what he looked like 6 hours later...
Cypress tournament (20 of 21)

Here are some of my favorite shots from the weekend:

Cypress tournament (14 of 21)

Cypress tournament (15 of 21)

Cypress tournament (16 of 21)

I love how they are both looking up at the umpire to see his call in that last shot. I need to add that the umpire called the kid SAFE!! Go up to that first shot and tell me if that kid is safe or out!! how he looks like he's trying to sneak by the pitcher here :)
Cypress tournament (4 of 21)

Cypress tournament (6 of 21)

This shot is after a run-down. Yes...he was OUT!
DSC_4660 pandora

This was Cade's last tournament of the season. They poured their heart and soul into it but lost their second game on Sunday...basically due to a REALLY bad call by the ump. Yes...I am still a bit bitter about it. No...we won't go there :) Believe me, you don't want to :)

So...what do you supposed happened Monday morning? Yep...Mom starts with the virus! It laid me flat for 2 entire days. I don't know how those boys played ball!! Yesterday, I woke up a new woman. Even Wesleigh noticed. When I went to get her, she said "Mommy tummy better?" I wonder what tipped her off...the fact that I was standing upright or the fact that I wasn't green? Perceptive little sucker!!

Two more days until I get to hug my big boy's neck!! I can't wait. I hope he's having a good time and ready to stay 10 more days. I can tell you...I want to stick him in that car and bring him home with me!! Hopefully I'll have some great shots from the day to share!!


Shannon said...

Girl, you crack me up! You know that's not what they mean when they say "going green." LOL I also agree with you, that kid was NOT safe! Glad you are feeling better and blogging again.

Sharon Ankerich said...

SO sorry you all have been sick~ not good at all for mom to be sick! LOVE all the photos of Cade! Awesome and shame on that umpire!!! Sorry about your truck too! look forward to pics of your big boy coming home!!!

snekcip said...

First off, glad you and the other driver are both okay and that you are feeling better!

Second, I will be sure and mail some glasses to that umpire because it's VERY CLEAR that Cade was SAFE!!

Thirdly, when you head out to pick up Bryce ask the umpire to borrow the pair of glasses that I mailed to him, because need 'em for those economy car drivers! :)

3 Peanuts said...

Oh he was NOt safe at all!!!! Sorry y'all had a wreck and have been hit by a stomach bug. That is not fun.

Stacy said...

LOVE your photos!!!!
Amazing how these boys bounce back in no time.
So glad your feeling better- I was wondering where you'd been!! : )

Jennifer said...

Oh No!!! At least nobody was hurt! I feel your pain with the stomach bug...I just recovered from a LONG 24 hour one and I thought I was dying!! Still don't feel like myself yet! Glad you're feeling better and I know you're so happy to have Cade back! Have fun with Bryce this weekend! We'll definitely meet up next time we're in! :)

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