Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th Of July!!

One of the reasons Bryce wanted to come home Saturday was because the show "Sons of Guns" was going to be in town filming at our downtown 4th of July celebration. Every year, they do a re-enactment of the bombing of a local warship, but this year they did it for the tv show. The Sea Cadet group enjoyed it together. We decided to make a day of it. Of course, before we left, there had to be a photo shoot. You are probably getting tired of seeing this sailor...but I'm not :) I certainly couldn't pass up the opportunity with Wesleigh dressed in her 4th of July finest!
4th of July '11 (1 of 20)

I love this little pillowcase dress. I have a feeling Miss Gracie might have to wear it in China :)
4th of July '11 (2 of 20)

4th of July '11 (3 of 20)

4th of July '11 (4 of 20)

We had everyone but Cade. He found somewhere "better" to go :)
4th of July '11sweet color (7 of 20)

She has a thing with Bryce's head and hat. Since he has come home, she keeps rubbing his head and asking what happened to his hair. It's so cute. When he has his hat on, she is constantly taking it from him. Here, she is trying to put it back on.
4th of July '11sweet color (8 of 20)

Hmmm.....Something's just not quite right.
4th of July '11 sweet color(10 of 20)

I LOVE this shot with her "hiding" it behind her back.
4th of July '11 sweet color(12 of 20)

Hands on her hips as he puts it back on.
4th of July '11 sweet color(13 of 20)

For about 30 seconds, I actually thought she was going to fall asleep. She is such a trooper, even though she's tired, she is still pleasant as can be. (I can't always say the same for myself ;)
4th of July '11 (14 of 20)

These are from the show. I thought she might be scared because the shooting is really loud. I couldn't have been more wrong. She loved it! When the planes would fly over and the shooting was going on, she would clap and cheer. She is still saying, "airplane... boom, boom"
4th of July '11cosmo (15 of 20)

4th of July '11 (18 of 20)

Two cuties. I don't think you've seen Braden out of his baseball uniform recently.
4th of July '11 (19 of 20)

Of course, the night ended with the fireworks show. The best part was we waited for them with a retired Navy pilot who was the actual pilot of Tom Cruise's plane in Topgun! Very cool! Wesleigh was so excited about them and cheered when they started. After a minute, she said, "Mommy...we go home now?" And we did! We get a great deal of satisfaction when we can beat the traffic ;) Yep...we're officially old!!

Hope you all had a great 4th!!


Sharon Ankerich said...

A great time for a sweet family~ love Wesleigh's dress and for sure she needs to wear it in China! Love seeing her love on her brothers!!! SO sweet! Her disposition sounds so much like SJ~ she is always pleasant even when she tired too~ EK... not so much.

Pink Velvet Mommy said...

Oh a couple of those pics Miss W looks SO grown up! Just what you want to hear I know....but man her hair is getting so long and she just looks like a kid(a cute kid) but a kid nonetheless! I am seeing it more and more in Hayden too.

Great pics, looks like it was fun and of course love the dress!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love these - your children are beautiful!

Shannon said...

Love all the pics of Wesleigh and her brothers. I agree with Pink Velvet Mommy in that Wesleigh is looking more and more grown up in every picture you take of her. Where did you get her dress? So cute!!

Ok, I've got my Doughty family fix for the day so I can get to work. :)

snekcip said...

Your photography skills are awesome!! Love ALL the pictures, but that first one is just breathtaking!!! Your family is just beautiful!

snekcip said...

Came back to add: Not sure if you follow (I HEART FACES) but I think that first picture would have been a winner in the RED, WHITE, BLUE photocontest!

Sammons said...

Your picture rock girl! I need to take that class and getba new camera...
The boys sure are growing up aren't they. What a wonderful 4th. And, old or not... I'm right there with you on beating that traffic!

DiJo said...

OK - First observation, Braeden has your legs!!!!

Second, AWESOME pics!!! Love them all. And, those pics of your handsome Sea Cadet with Teacup are priceless!!!!

Gracie Joy needs to wear that dress to the Consulate for sure!!!!!

My Blog Break has officially begun!


3 Peanuts said...

Love all these shots...they are absolutely heart melting!!!! It is so cute to see the relationship between them in photos. I think you will cherish these for years to come.

Wesleigh's dress is darling and would be adorable on Gracie in CHina. I have been praying that your TA comes any second.


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