Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ho Ho Ho!

This morning, Wesleigh Jane got to meet Santa for the first time! I was a little worried at what her reaction was going to be, but I shouldn't have been.

Of course, I had to take a couple of shots before we left. Her favorite part of her outfit were the red shoes ;-) I liked the red shoes too!



Cade went with us this morning. I didn't have to twist his arm...he loves anything having to do with Santa and he loves to help me with Wesleigh.

Cade helped Wesleigh make her first ornament! Because of the fire, I don't have alot of homemade ornaments from the boys, so I'm thrilled to hang this one on my tree ;)

I know some people don't like all the construction paper ornaments on their tree, and I don't know what I would think about it had I not lost all of ours. But to me now...this is what it's all about.

Santa came to visit while she was working on her ornament. I took it as a good sign that she wasn't scared of him. She even shook his hand and told him "hey".

The big moment came, and she loved him!! There was a professional photographer taking the pictures, so I didn't want to pull out my big camera. This is from my phone. I'll be ordering pics online Monday!! She even took pictures by herself without Cade. So cute!!


Linda said...

So adorable! That Cade is a sweetie! What a blessed morning! Treasure that ornament!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

aw, they are all so cute!


delucchi family said...

What a great fun visit, your kids are so cute! I have 3 boys and a China princess too.
Love Jules

jessica2chin said...

pure cuteness.

Anonymous said...

What an adorable outfit on your beautiful daughter. Wow Wesleigh's hair is getting so long! Your sons are so sweet!

Kim said...

The photos are great..
Love her outfit..
Have a great weekend..

Sammons said...

Yay Wesleigh!! Lexi loved Santa too! You look like such a big girl in your pretty red shoes!

Mission To Macie said...


Lisa said...

Wow she did great for the first time seeing the big guy. Where did you get that outfit??? sooo cute. Love to see the siblings enjoying each other too.

Shannon S. said...

Wesleigh's outfit is adorable as usual!! I went to First Monday Trade Days in Canton, TX. Not sure if you've ever heard of that, but you would LOVE IT!!!! You should plan a trip to Dallas and go. The outfits and bows like you like are everywhere and all so unique!! Anyway, so glad Wesleigh had a good experience with Santa. I'm with you on the homemade ornaments. I hope to have a tree of nothing but homemade ornaments one day!!

snekcip said...

Wesleigh is just too precious!! I'm just smitten for little girls in RED SHOES!! I start scouring for red shoes in late October! I had to laugh about Bree's encounter w/Santa in Dallas. She loved him, but was really DISTURBED he was wearing COWBOY BOOTS and not "Santa BLACK BOOTS"! LOL!! Overall she loved him and had to have a hug and of course her...HIGH FIVE!!!

PS Your boys are just so wonderful with Wesleigh! I love that about them!

3 Peanuts said...

I adore the homemade ornamens and you will find them on our trees:)

I love that WJ told Santa "hey!"

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