Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve ended up being a very fun and very busy day! We started the day with a photo shoot.



Wesleigh's dress was given to us by a sweet, new friend. I recently met a mom through our church who has older children like I do and is waiting to travel to get her 2 yr. old daughter in India. We met for lunch a couple of weeks ago and she gave us this beautiful dress. She had bought it for her daughter expecting her to be home this Christmas. Since she isn't, she wanted Wesleigh to be able to wear it. It was such a sweet gesture and such a beautiful dress. I couldn't wait to put it on her!! I can't wait to see it on her beautiful daughter next year!

This picture of all 4 is my favorite. Richard was jumping out from behind me.

She loves to put her hand around our necks. So sweet.


We had Christmas with Richard's dad and lots of family. I did a horrible job taking pictures because they all seem to be of Wesleigh! This is Amanda, Richard's sister. Wesleigh adores her!

Time to open presents!! This is Wesleigh's reaction.


Anything pink and princess is sure to be a hit. She also has a special love for pillows ;)


After our time with family, we went to church and then headed home to have some gumbo with my parents. It was nice to get into sweats and enjoy the evening. The kids got to open a couple of of which was this sleeping bag for Miss W. It is precious!! Looks like Bryce likes it too!

Of course, we ended the night leaving our special Christmas cookies for Santa.

It was a great day, and such fun to see the magic of the season through Wesleigh's eyes for her first Christmas.

I'm going to work our our Christmas Day post next. It was such a great day for all of us! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!


Kim said...

Love all the photos..
Love Wesleighs outfit and her clippie is tooo cute..
can't wait to see more..

Anonymous said...

Your photos are precious, and Miss W denitely had a memorable first Christmas! and she is getting taller, sweet~

Tina Michelle said...

Such sweet photos! She looks so happy. I love how she puts her arm around your neck to take the pics.

Anonymous said...

Love these photos! The dress is gorgeous - Wesleigh looks so beautiful and dainty! Happy New Year, Wendy

Football and Fried Rice said...

Aww, that dress IS beautiful! Of course, I think WJ makes it o! Love the picture of you & WJ on the porch (you are so pretty!) and I also love the one of Richard and his four kids - very sweet! Still coveting your shoes a little bit :-) And your front porch. But...hey - who is keeping track? :)

Lindy said...

Jennifer ~ You look so glamorous in that gold outfit!

I'm still loving Wesleigh Jane's haircut!

Jewels of My Heart said...

sooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet! Wesleigh just takes my breath away and I love seeing her with her family each time I visit your blog.
God is so good.

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