Tuesday, December 21, 2010

First Day of Winter...Can't you tell?

Today might have been the first day of winter, but it wasn't feeling too wintery down here! High in the 70's today. Fine with me! I took the opportunity to snap some pics of Miss W.

Anytime she's in these boots and jeans, I just can't resist!






I know she's a little out of focus, but I love this picture. I was holding the camera out and took it of the two of us. I wish I was the blurry one.

I showed her the above picture and told her to make that sweet face again. This is what she came up with ;)

Bryce and Richard spent the afternoon making air soft shields. I think there's a huge battle in the works ;)


Kim said...

Looks like a great day...
love the photos..
And Wesleigh is sooooo cute..
Have a great week..

Anonymous said...

Weshleigh is so adorable! Especially love the photo of her and Bryce - how sweet! Happy holidays, Wendy

Anonymous said...

That last picture is so precious.

Linda said...

Looks like really cool shields! Almost look like abstract paintings.
Sweet pictures! If you had more time, you should be a photographer.

Shannon said...

Love picture #4, that look she is giving you (the camera) is just too cute. In case you don't post again until after Christmas, hope yall have a wonderful Christmas. Can't wait to see the pics of Ms W's first Christmas with her family!!

Deanna said...

Seriously Wesleigh has modeling adventures in her future! :) The pictures are adorable, you did a great job!

Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful! I have to tell you...everytime I see her with one of your boys (including her daddy) I see the absolute love they have for her....that last photos says it all. Just look at the love in your son's expression. It really brings a tear to my eye. This precious little girl...is so so so loved.

3 Peanuts said...

Oh she is THE CUTEST!!!!! I could eat her up! My boys want in on the "battle"

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