Sunday, September 5, 2010

Thanks Ruby and Sienna!!

The minute Ruby and Sienna got off the plane, Wesleigh set her sights on their pink rolling backpacks complete with a fuzzy puppy purse. She was relentless and played with those backpacks the entire week. The girls were so sweet to share with Miss WJ. A couple of days ago, Wesleigh got her very own package in the mail. Guess what it was?


Her very own pink fuzzy backpack and puppy purse!!
Thanks, Ruby and Sienna!! Now Wesleigh has a cute place to store all the treasures she picks up throughout the day!!


Kim said...

Toooo CUTE..
Love it..

snekcip said...

What is it w/rolling backpacks! When we go to visit my daughter and grandson, Bree rolls in w/her backpack and it is MAJOR drama! Unlike Ruby/Sienna, Bree was NOT FOR IT!! It was a screaming match from day one!! I went out and bought him his own rolling backpack and it was pure bliss!!! He packs his little toys in it and pulls the thing all darn day!!! I just love the pink purse that goes with Wesleigh's backpack! TOO CUTE! Look at that smile of hers!!! She is in love with her new backpack/purse!!

Paula Kathlyn said...

Could she be any cuter? What a sweet little girl :)

Linda said...

How sweet of Sienna and Ruby! Little Miss Pack Rat will have no problem filling it with all the treasures she gathers up from around the house!

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