Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Rest of the Story

Ok, so you've seen all our beautiful beach pics of our always adorable and well behaved girls! Yeah...Right!! I thought I'd share a few of our outakes from our trip to the beach...the rest of the story!

Unfortunately, I didn't snap a pic of Ruby and Sienna rolling in the sand in their underwear when they should have been in their pretty pettiskirts. Nor do I have a picture of Kate on her M&M high, or Wesleigh collecting (should I say, stealing) all kinds of things from Kim and Di's rooms! I didn't take a shot of Wesleigh's blow out diaper in the car that resulted in me throwing her pants away! And I really didn't get a pic of Miss Sienna throwing up in the back of my suburban on the way to the airport! (I was too busy running through a furniture store yelling for some paper towels) Even better, the domino effect that event had ;) (that's all I'm allowed to say about that!!)

So...enjoy! Have a laugh on us this morning!!

mosaic535a653f6c2d82b401765ef190bd6a414d5ec84b Take a look at my face above! What the heck is that? LOL... And look at the druel on Wesleigh's chin...

mosaicce8e024af85a3448c36f4f524fc189149d5c6012 I had to really search for a "bad" picture of Ainsley! This is all I could come up with. She was eating crawfish for the first time. She liked it, even through this pic might not look like it ;)

mosaicaff7d3e9f62b3e39d9d724623fb81bd206b4c1ad In Kate's defense. Yes, she did pour water on Wesleigh's head, but only after Wesleigh poured it on hers! Wesleigh wasn't really crying here...it just looks like it! And what about the camera angle on Wesleigh. She should still have a crick in her neck from that!! Geez!!

Do you see that Wesleigh is sitting on me? She was being such a pill this evening that the only decent pics I got of her in her tutu were the ones where I was laying on the sand and she was on top of me. Kim was snapping the pics.

mosaicf042ba1cdcb1ee56cf2f8f263aad2741ed2de159 Sienna got mad and stomped away from Ainsley. Ainsley was trying to get her back :) Kate kept us entertained with all her character faces. She is hysterical.
OK...I did not have one picture of Ruby to add to this!! Every picture of her was wonderful!!
So...just because she's so stinkin' cute!

I'm putting a post together with some cold weather clothes that Wesleigh will not fit in anymore. I'm going to do it auction style, so be sure to check back in the next couple of days!!


Serving the King said...

LOL! Love keepin it real! Looks like such a great vacay!

3 Peanuts said...

Love this...it IS so real!!!!

Thank you for not including the one of my big fat and white behind! And thank you for your discretion on the other thing too......I am still embarrassed. Where are the uni b photos? Just kiddin.

Kim said...

I LOVE the photos..
Tooo cute..
I can't wait to see the outfits you are selling..
I will be checking out what I can't live without for Isabella..

Football and Fried Rice said...

{{so hilarious!!}}

i have loads of pictures where I ((or at least one of us)) looks like a complete freak :) you know, "the good stuff"!!

I can appreciate the "real story" and it's even adorable too ;)

snekcip said...

love these "take-out" post! Too funny! We also had the "throwing up" incident on our recent beach trip! The "salt water" just didn't sit well on the kiddo's tummy!!! It was definitely a domino effect! It looked like "geisers" going off! Picture 5 kids all spewing like crazy!!!!Disgusting to say the least!!!

DiJo said...

OK - I think Ruby is pretty cute too!!! I will admit it!!!! Love these.. Thanks for leaving out my "one b----" shot!!!!

So much fun, and so many hysterical memories... Especially the drive to the airport! Thanks for taking one for the back seat team!

Love ya,

Denise said...

These are so funny Jenn!!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

great post! LOL!

The Oswalds said...

Hiliarious shots. Glad you girls had so much fun!

Canada to China and back! said...

This is such a funny post! Because one of my dear friends made a joke that she would like me to post about our dinner party that was chaos! Lets just say one kid puking, another one got bit, and 4 major meltdowns!!! So its nice to see some "real" life :0)

OOOH cold weather clothes!?! Hmmm I wonder if your idea of cold weather clothes and mine are the same!?! Lol! I'll be watching :)I have a brandnew niece to shop for!

It looks like you all had a lovely time.


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