Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just a Little Messy


Wesleigh usually is a very neat eater. She uses her spoon and fork like a pro. This night, though, the fork just wouldn't get it there fast enough! She was starving! With our football schedule, every night is different. Sometimes we don't eat until late. Poor baby!


She refused to look at the camera or smile. She was all business!

I've been working hard on my digital scrapbook of our trip to China. It's been so much fun to go through all the posts and pictures from that time. It's funny how you remember some things and not others. I think selective memory is a gift from God. The negatives just kind of slip away.

Tonight everybody will be home! That is not happening very often these days. I'm going to cook a good supper and hopefully enjoy a little time with all my cuties! They've been working/playing hard, and I miss them!!

BTW....We've had 2 days of staying completely dry!! Whoo Hoo!!!

Also, I've been asked a couple of questions:
"sn" means "special need". Just shorthand.
I've been asked where I got Wesleigh's little flowers she's been wearing in her hair. I got them here. She did a great job and I love them! I am missing the big bows, but until her hair gets a little longer, the piggys are our best bet. (Be sure to tell her who sent you!)


Stephanie said...

Oh how adorable is she!!!!! Spaghetti is one of Allie's favorite meals around our house too!!!

Kim said...

toooo CUTE..
Love it..
IF the girl is hungry she is hungry..
Glad you got a night home with everyone.. school time is sooo busy..

snekcip said...

She is just scrumptious!! Seems like Wesleigh thinks the spaghetti is as well! :)

DiJo said...

Got a love a "Tea Cup" that can shovel in her spaghetti!!!! I hope you had a great night with all your babies home!


Lisa said...

I love a girl with spaghetti face- too cute.. woohoo on the dry days. I have been home over a year now from Taiwan with Paige and I still haven't done my scrapbook/video/pictures... I have everything all together (mostly) but just need to take that first step.

Melinda said...

She looks like she is in a spaghetti stupor! A girl's gotta eat!

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