Friday, February 1, 2008

Weather in China

I just received a couple of disturbing emails from Jenny Bowen from the Half the Sky Foundation. I had no idea, but there has been awful weather in China and much of the country is having a hard time dealing with it. She listed each province and orphanage and gave an update on each. You might want to check it out. They are asking for donations to help the orphanages with water, food and heat. If you don't see the message listing the orphanages and want it, I can email it to you.


Sheri said...

Thanks so much for sharing this link. I've been hearing about the hardships in China due to the weather and it's nice to now have a way to help out the children in the orphanages.

Sandy H. said...

Our daughter is in the Chengdu orphange,Sichuan and I did not see it listed. Can you send that to me. We hope to travel in a couple of weeks to get her. I hope all is well.


OH MY #6 said...

It is terrible. Poor babies.


Rony said...

Our babies were from the Guangxi province which is southern China. They were hit pretty hard but appear to be bouncing back. We have sent a donation for them to purchase what they need. It is so hard to imagine. It would be like Key West getting a snow storm. They just weren't prepared for such a disaster. So sad.

Have fun!!

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