Thursday, January 31, 2008

Made In China

Richard and I were talking about China the other day, and whether we were planning to bring the boys with us. I had originally said we wouldn't unless we went in the summer, but after you see what crazy things people pull their kids out of school for, I think we will take them. We hadn't said anything to them, but Cade came up to me and this is the conversation we had:
Cade: "Is the China wall still there?"
me: "Yes, it's there, you can even climb on it."
Cade: "Could you send me a picture of it when you're there?"
me: "I could, but how about you come with me and we can climb it!"
Cade: He didn't know if he wanted to or not, but later he came up and said, "OK, I want to go to
China and climb the wall".

Richard ended up talking to the boys about it one night before bed, and told them we wanted them to come with us (this is assuming they're not in college at the time!). The next day, Braden asked out of the blue: "Can we go to a bouncy ball factory in China?"
me: "What?"
Braden: "You know, how everything we have is made in China? Can we see how they make the bouncy balls while we're there?"
me: "We'll see, but probably not."

I have to remember they don't spend all their time on the computer following the trips of others. They don't have a clue, except for the small amount they've been told. All they think is it must be a toy fairyland because everything is "made in China".


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

We were not going to take our kids either..due to the expenses...but ...We have decided that this is a once in a life time Family event..
And no matter what we will figure it out..
But I am sure at least one of mine will be out of school if not all 3...LOL
Have a Great Day..

Sheri said...

I just love the things your boys come up with!! How awesome that you will be taking them to China with you. It's an experience as a family that will be so important to all of you. We'll pray that the wait time isn't too long and that they won't even be in middle school yet!

crazylady said...

If you can swing it, bringing them would enrich their lives and understanding of their new sibling. We brought my MIL to China, and it was as if the lightbulb turned on permanently. She no longer saw our family as strange or wierd. And she embraced Asian culture beyond my expectations. And it has lasted 2 years being home. She is the first one to remind us of holidays and Asian things in the media/news. It warms my heart.

Thanks for your comment on my ranting post on the reality of children coming from China. Probably my bravest/dumbest post, but I think people should talk more about real life and not blog life. It's not everyone's bad, I know.
Thanks for stopping by. I hope you come by soon!

ADELE said...

That is too funny. I think it is wonderful that you are taking the boys with you to China. It will be an experience that will stay with them the rest of their lives. How exciting!

Carey said...

Oh, the bouncy ball factory just made me laugh and laugh! Too funny! Good for you for bringing the boys along. They'll remember it forever.

Steffie B. said...

Oh dear...that is kind of funny though!

You'll know if you want to take the boys when you get your referral. They will all be old enough to handle it....and it will be an experience they will NEVER forget.

OH MY #6 said...

that is so cute! Wow, that will be quite the trip for all of you.


LaLa said...

that is too funny....yeah, get them to that bouncy ball factory! Thanks for your sweet words to me today : )

Anonymous said...

I really wanted to take two of my youngest children to China (only tow live at home). My husbvand was not so sure. we did not. We both really wish we would have taken them and have said it si our great regret we did not. I say go climb China as a family :)!

mommy24treasures said...

I think your boys would love China. Sounds like a great idea for you all if you can swing the $$$. Jake and Chloe were too young.I don't even want to think about a flight withthem for that long at that age, yikes.

Christy said...

2 SCHOOLS OF THOUGHT ON THIS ONE. We chose not to take the boys so we could have some intense time with Mia to bond-- but then again it is a once in a lifetime thing. I dont know. I totally belive the time we spent alone with MIa was invaluable for bonding-- like really important. It established our position with her as her mommy and daddy. We chose not to but then again there are great reasons for taking them also. Whatever you choose you will love China-- we did!! Cade is too cute!!

Christy :)

Courtney said...

My son was all ready to go to China until I mentioned to him that he would have to have shots. Now he tells me that he doesn't want to go, and that he wants to stay with his grandparents. I told him not to make up his mind just yet, because he might feel differently in three years!!!

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